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Rock and Roll At Its Finest

Sister Gastrica, the Baroness of the Bariatric Babes, sent me this in the email.  I think the sight of Merrill Osmond jamming got to her and made her horny. She’s never recovered from that bout of Osmond-mania she went through.  Please watch.

Sad thing is, I used to think this was rock and roll.  Even sadder…I still know all the words.

(If any Typepad people want to enlighten me on embedding You Tube stuff in the posts, please do.  Everytime I try it won’t cooperate.)


Yet another Christmas special at a Whiff of Smiff…I’m going to show some sort of Christmas Heirloom everyday til Christmas.  Maybe some of y’all might put some of your heirlooms up.

We moved into our current residence in 1996.  ManChild was 4 and the Daughter had just turned 3.  #2 did not exist yet.  He was not a twinkle or a glimmer.  It’s probably better I didn’t know he was going to show up in a couple of years. 

Anyway, the first Christmas we lived here, we went down to Lowe’s and got us a new Christmas tree.  We also bought this tree topper.Thanksgiving_2006_088   It’s not the prettiest tree topper around and I think we probably didn’t pay any more than $10 for it.  The cool thing about it is there’s a wheel on it that turns and it has Santa and his reindeer on it.  It’s really cute.  It would never go on a tree at Cheekwood or nothing, but, we sure love it.

The Christmas we pull this thing out and find that Santa no longer turns, we will probably hire my brother in law, the Electrical Engineer, to figure out a way to make it work again.  It’s one of those Christmas Heirlooms.  My kids, even the big ones, still love this.  My daughter announced the other day that someday SHE will be the one to have possession of the tree topper.  I guess that means when Mr. Smiff and I have been moved to McKendree Manor and will no longer be well enough to put up a Christmas tree.