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Walking In A Winter Blunderland

The Tacky/Mucho Christmas Lights Tour continues.  I saw some doozies tonight in one Hendersonville neighborhood.  I must clarify that a home decked in Mucho Lighting is not necessarily "tacky."  Mucho is good when done right.  Fortunately for us, lots of people don’t know how to do it correctly.

Did purple/lavender become a Christmas color at some point Imgp0359_1 and nobody told me?  (I know it looks more blue-ish in the picture, but, they’re very purpley.


"Honey….where do you want me to put all this stuff?" said Bubba.  "Aw sheeeeeeut," said Shelia,(the Daughter said that was a good girl redneck name) as she lit up another cigarette. "Just throw it out in the damn yard and plug it in.  It’s purty." Houses like this aren’t good for those of us who suffer from Astigmatism to view.  I’m still seeing spots.


I think Earl lives here.  Yes, it’s a little blurry, but, I was intrigued by the green on the bushes.  Even more intriguing was the "Finding Nemo" sheet hanging in the window. That’s what the red is. I wish it’d have come out better.

I could do a whole post of nothing but houses decked in blue. Imgp0356  People in the Nashville area dig em some blue Christmas lights.  I don’t get it either. 

Imgp0342  Hop aboard the Santa Train!

Heirlooms -Take 2

The ugly little snowman on the tree was made by Yours Truly at Christmas 1979. It was 5th grade and we went to Mrs. Washington’s class for "Art."    I can’t believe the poor little feller has surThanksgiving_2006_098vived all these years.  It was made out of that stuff you use when you transfer something to a tshirt and cotton balls. 

The circle with the red and green on it behind it was made by the Manchild when he was about 3. 

Episode 1-On the Town With Sista

The first official Whiffa Smiff video blog.  It’s pretty uneventful, but, it’s a practice run.  I just may figure this out. 

So, in this episode of On The Town with Sista, me and the Dawta and #2 are at Target.  #2 broke into a rap number and I saw somebody that I knew from where I used to work.

Thanks, Frank for the tip.  Hopefully, the Griswolds on Crack will be up later. 

Vidjo Blawging

Your Sista has made a video blog.  I don’t know that anybody else but me would be entertained by it, still, I would love to put it out here for the world to see.  Problem is, I’m VERY limited in my video to blog knowledge.  I tried to upload the video to  You Tube but it said it had to be only 100 mb and this future-legendary video is 161 mb. 

The question is, is there a way to shorten it or does anybody have any other suggestions as to how to get it on here?

A teaser…the video involves Christmas lights that are programmed to dance along with music.