I just remembered that today is me and Mr. Smiff’s anniversary.  Because the Smiffs are weirdos, we have two wedding anniversaries and they fall within the same week.  The original one is the one we both really count, but, it does serve to note that on this date, 5 years ago, we made the second go-round at marriage. 

We went down to the clerk’s office in Sumner County to get the license.  The guy who waited on us was in a wheelchair AND he was cross-eyed.  Regardless of how mean it is to make fun of somebody in a wheelchair that’s cross-eyed, it’s memorable.  Wheelchair Guy was also very bitter and not friendly. 

We drove down the road to the Sumner County Courthouse for the "wedding".   We were escorted into the same courtroom that I had gone into the year before to un-marry Mr. Smiff and there sat the man who did the honors then, Judge Tom Gray, and can you believe, he was going to do the honors to tie us back up?

The witnesses were two, redneck bailiffs that looked and sounded like something straight out of Hazard County. Judge Gray said he often saw "repeat customers" in his courtroom. He was quite pleasant and he gave us two, heart shaped suckers as a memento.

After the nupshals, I went to work and Mr. Smiff did whatever he did. It was so fun that day at work to pass somebody in the hall or in the restroom and them say "how are ya?" or "What’s new with you?" and answer them with "well, I got married this morning."

The difference in this wedding night than the first was Mr. Smiff had to work that night and when he got home, I was asleep on the couch.  Pretty hot, huh?

I don’t know what the stats are on people who remarry each other after they divorce, but, of people I know of who have done that, very few stayed married very long.  We may have some sort of record being 5 years remarried.  Plus, after reading Sharon Cobb’s story of her date from hell is another reminder to always keep hanging in there, even when the going gets rough being married to Mr. Smiff.