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The Bare Necessities

We made it back from the shopping trip with Hazel.  Actually, me and the Daughter made it back cause we left Mr. Smiff with Hazel in the toy store because we had to get back to meet the bus depositing #2 off at home.

Malls make me sleepy.  I have never figured out why anytime I spend any time at a mall, I get soooo sleepy.  If I have to go to a mall, I have to go in, get what I’m after and leave. 

Plus, malls are just aggravating anymore with all these vendors in the center with their little carts wanting to clean your jewelry or put some crap on your hands.  I think I’ll get me a sign that says "Leave Me Alone" to carry so they won’t even bother.  I even had a guy ask me if my nails were real or fake after I denied his request to give him my hand to rub crap on. That’s one of those questions you don’t ask a woman.  Kinda like the age thing.

The coolest part about today’s mall trip was running into Bobby Bare. (Not Junior, but, the Senior Bare).  How cool is it to see country music legends mall walking just like some bloggers do!

Here’s a guy who gave us such wonderful things like Tequila Sheila, Drop Kick Me Jesus, Marie Laveau, The Streets of Baltimore, and Thanksgiving_2006_133 the classic of all classics, Detroit City, getting his exercising in and then stopping to visit for a bit, doing the "Do you remembers" with Hazel about the days of Hillbilly Central and bragging about their grandkids.

It’s fun to live in the Music City.

Mr. Smiff Asks a Controversial Question

Mr. Smiff asked a very interesting question today.  I was telling him Thanksgiving_2006_130 about the Blogger party this weekend and he asked me this:

"Shouldn’t the more politically correct term be ‘Blog-roe’s? Isn’t ‘blogger’ racist?" 

I think I would prefer to be referred to as a "Blogging American," myself.  Not that I’ve ever given a bloody flip about being politically correct.  I just thought it was funny of him to say that.

Set Your TiVO’s

Mr. Smiff and I are taking Hazel Christmas shopping today, but, I did not want to forget to remind y’all (especially Lynnster) that Santa Fred_as Claus is Coming To Town  comes on tonight on Nashville Bloggers favorite tv station.  (ABC for the rest of yous).

This is the one that has the Burgermeister Meisterburger. I love to say that.

Funny Christmas Movie Quote of the Day

"Santy doesn’t visit funeral homes, Little Buddy."  – Marv in Home Alone.