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Three Thangs

I’ve been tagged by Sara Clark. 

Three things :

That Scare me: mice, tornadoes, other than that, I can’t think of anything.  I used to be scared of life, but, I got over that.

People who make me laugh: On a good day, Mr. Smiff; my kids; Raymond E. Huffmaster. 

I love: Old movies, music, and my family.

I hate: When people generalize born again Christians, Bill Maher, that I never have lost my baby weight.

I don’t understand: why I’m unemployed after being loyal and dedicated to the company I worked for for almost 10 years; why mothers on welfare continue to reproduce; why I can’t get a job doing something I love.

Things on my desk: I’m unemployed at the moment so I don’t have a desk that’s all mine.  The "desk" at the house is covered with various things like a signed George Jones ballcap, concerts posters from shows Mr. Smiff has played that I haven’t gotten around to framing and hanging, cds and other crap.

I’m doing right now: Dreading having to go on the field trip with the 3rd grade tomorrow; half watching Men In Trees and Christmas Vacation; trying to breathe through my nose.

I want to do before I die: Go to Europe, write a hit song, have my own talk show.

I can do: Cook, find humor in nearly every situation, calm a crying baby.

I can’t do: draw, keep house, hide my feelings very well.

I think you should listen to: Your mother, gut instincts, Dr. Phil.

You should NEVER listen to: Suzanne Somers, Tom Cruise, that spiritual advisor that Oprah likes.

I’d like to learn: to paint, to be organized, how to do websites.

Favorite foods: Italian, cheeseburgers, lots of things I fix.

Shows I watched as a kid: Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Burnett, Brady Bunch

‘Zat You, Santa?

Santa Claus came to the Smiff House a little early.

We just found out that Mr. Smiff and band have been nominated for a Grammy for Bluegrass Album of the Year.  This is the second time they’ve been nominated.  The competition is pretty stiff, but, it’s pretty cool to get nominated.

The band also announced their new band member this morning…Aaron McDaris will be replacing banjo player Dave Talbot, who left to be part of Dolly’s band full time.  I’ll miss ol’ Dave.  It was fun having a Canadian around that said "Ooot".  Seriously, I love Dave and will miss him being around.

December 7

Having parents who were born in 1926 and 1934 and their siblings who, some of which, were considerably older, World War II stories were not uncommon among family get togethers and collective recollections of yesterday.  Mom’s oldest brother died in WWII, so there’s always been a reverence for days like today. 

I do have a direct connection with Pearl Harbor.  My grandfather’s youngest brother was there and survived, only to be killed in the Pacific in 1944.  I’ll let his son, Captain Dan, tell what happened in his own words:

"Dee was on the Vestal, a repair ship tied to the Arizona, at the Wdcollie time of the attack.   When the Arizona was hit he was forced to jump several stories into burning water, and was hit by shrapnel while in midair.   Because of his injuries he did have the option of avoiding further combat, but did not think it would be fair to the other sailors.   He returned to active duty and made full lieutenant just before his death in November, 1944.   He was a dedicated Navy man to the core and could have made admiral before the end of his career."  W_d_collie__jr

I’ll never forget hearing Uncle Dee’s daughter, who was about 6 at the time of Pearl Harbor, describe seeing her dad return home from the hospital and the burns on his back.  For months and months, every single day, her mother had to redress his bandages and rub some sort of ointment on his burns. 

Until 9/11, December was the day in which people gauged their lives by. People who were children in December of 1941 are now senior citizens.  I’m glad my own son is a history buff and has reverence for what happened at Pearl Harbor, not least of which, his great-great uncle, whom he shares a rather scary resemblance and almost the same birthday (one day off.)   Tyler_smith___wd_collie__jr