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Drunk, Drunk Ivy

Ivy sings a tune here.

At the Blogger Party Hop

Much fun was had at the Blogger Christmas Party at the Mothership.  I think I was possibly the only person present who was not partaking in adult beverages, except maybe Slartibart’s and Gingersnaps Kids.  I thought I saw JJ Dubin swipe one of CSharon_terry_17LC’s Miller Lite’s though. 

Anyhow, here’s the photojournal of the festivities, through the eyes of Sista…Oh, this picture wasn’t made at the blogger thing, but, at another gathering of crazy people I went to afterwards.  Just a rare photo of me and Mr. Smiff together. This is what the Smiffs look like after 17 years.

Bdubs_grand_entrance B-Dub arrived to a rather rousing introduction, courtesy his Sista.  Jag gives him some of the Secret Mothership Potion upon his entrance. 

Blogger_brock_parties_010 Hutchmo, Brittney and the Holiday Grinch pose with mayoral candidate and nice feller, David Briley (who confirmed to me personally that he IS the grandson of the late Nashville Mayor Beverly Briley, as in Parkway…Ivy)

Blogger_brock_parties_009 Finally, I met in real live person, probably my favorite blogger, the one and only Rex L. Camino and the darling Mrs. Camino. 

Blogger_brock_parties_019 How things looked from Ginger’s point of view as the evening went on and as she downed more and more shots. 

Blogger_brock_parties_021 Nothing in this picture indicates any alcohol was being consumed at this gathering.  Nope.  Not a drop.


You can send your donations to help get CLC that Top ‘O The Head transplant to me here at A Whiff of Smiff.


Kate O’ is the epitome of Chic Nashville Blogger.  So is Ivy with the hair thing.  Be watching for some rather humorous Ivy video here tomorrow.

Blogger_brock_parties_013 No need for a caption here with Aunt B. and Sarcastro.  I tried really hard to witness to Sarcastro and share with him the love of Jesus through song, but, he rebuked me.

Blogger_brock_parties_015 Here we come a’wassailing…..

A Day at the Museum

I survived the field trip to the Adventure Science Museum and all that that implies.  I was in charge of these three boys.  You all know #2.  TThanksgiving_2006_196he other two, I affectionately nicknamed "Spike" and "Hoss."  They were very sweet little boys, except Hoss kept trying to bum money off me.

The worst part about it was the whole Muffia trip.  I hate those women.  I’m sorry, but, I hate those women.  There were four Thanksgiving_2006_183 women who stood in a huddle the entire time.  I should’ve gone up to them and just jumped in the middle of their conversation like I knew what they were talking about. I did get video of them in one of their huddles that I’ll post later.

Thanksgiving_2006_198 I had not been inside the Sudekum Planetarium since I was in about 4th grade.  It is still most cool, however, not nearly as huge as it seemed then.  I’m glad I got to go in this one before they build the new one.

Thanksgiving_2006_186 This is a fun exhibit.    Thanksgiving_2006_201 Lots of human body kinda stuff.  I saw one thing in there that had "poop" and "pee" on it.  Always educational.

#2 even had the chance to see what life in a wheelchair was like.  I don’t think he got that part of it.  I think he thought a moving chair is cool.  Thanksgiving_2006_187

My favorite thing was the snow machine.  I was still picking that crap outta my hair late last night.  Snow_machine

Got You On My Mind

Mr. Smiff and I had decided that last night, he and I would make a most rare outing (without children) and celebrate our anniversary.  We were both really looking forward to it.  It’s rare on a Friday night for Mr. Smiff to be in town and not having to work the Opry or something, so we were kinda looking forward to going out.

The D was with a friend and #2 was going to stay with Grandma.  We were all set to drop Manchild off at Rocketown when Bobbie Jean calls.  "What are you doing?" (Oh, just getting ready to go celebrate our anniversary but I have a feeling that’s about to go to hell because you have no doubt contracted the Bird Flu.)  "Well, I’m in a predicament."  She went on to tell me how she had hurt her ankle and couldn’t walk on it.  I told her we’d come take her to get it Xrayed.  "Oh no, it’s ok.  Y’all go ahead and eat."  (Like we would feel good about ourselves doing that) 

Long story short, we spent the anniversary celebration in the ER at St. Thomas.  The ankle isn’t broken, which is great. We got Bobbie Jean safely back home with her dog and her Marlboros, so all is well.

I noticed, looking around the ER, that there were several other people there who were brought by their adult children.  Another reality like Busy Mom mentions often about being part of the Sandwich Generation.

The actual anniversary is today.  The day we married, December 9, 1989, was FAH-REEEEZING cold.  There had been an ice storm a couple days before and my parents house had no power up until something like Friday night.  You can even see the ice in the trees in the pictures.

We had the coolest music at our wedding.  We had Glen Duncan and Steve Thomas on twin fiddles, with Charlie Cushman on guitar, and I think even Buck White played with them.  I wanted them to play Maiden’s Prayer, which they did, beautifully, and I also wanted The Bells of St. Mary’s, which they also obliged.  It seems like they threw in "Precious Memories" and "Sweet Bunch of Daisies."  I didn’t hear all that.  That was before the thing started, but, I have the video.  The Whites also sang that day and as they always do, they sounded like angels that slipped out of Heaven. Sharon__wc_and_terry

The funniest part was the recessional.  Being we are the Smiff’s, we marched back up the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. to Christmas Time’s A Comin’. How bout that?  It was fun, but, looking back on it, seems like a dream. 

Another thing I remember a lot about my wedding day was my bleeding heels.  I bought cheap shoes at Bakers and they rubbed the worst blisters into my heels.  It was so bad, they bled.  You can see me in the video, tapping my feet.  People probably thought I was nervous, but, it wasn’t that…my feet hurt like hell. Hey_baby__it_s_cold_outside

It was a great day.  One of the last big family events my dad was at that he was not sick.  He looked great and had a great time that day. 

We spent the first night at Opryland Hotel (after Mr. Smiff played the Opry, of course) and we walked all over that place, hauling luggage…we were so worn out by the time we got to the room.  Don’t worry…we did what we’s supposed to do.

17 years, three kids, umpteen pets, a divorce, remarriage, jobs, and a life later, we’re still at it.  The longer I’m married, the more I realize it isn’t about warm fuzzy feelings.  Marriage is not for the faint of heart or lily livered, but, to be able to sit here and look back, it’s kinda fun to see where we began and where we are now.

He may be a butthead, but, he’s MY butthead.