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Meet Da Butcher

It ain’t Sam Da Butcha, but, the sibling of Aunt B. Go see.

High Bluff Christmas

Every year since 2000, the Smiff Kids and I have hightailed it over to my cousin Terry’s house on the river in Madison for a wonderful get Blogger_brock_parties_046 together.  Terry’s not my first cousin, but, rather a third.  His grandmother and my grandfather were brother and sister and somehow, we got adopted by them and this event is one we look forward to every year.

  We love to go to High Bluff, which is the home that my Aunt Mimi lived in from the Blogger_brock_parties_04230’s until her death in 1994.  Terry and Kaye have restored the house so beautifully and made it their own, yet, kept a lot of the charm and uniqueness that Aunt Mimi had.   It’s always decorated so pretty and there is nothing like going out on their back balcony and watching the Cumberland River roll with the soft reflection of Christmas lights. 


. The sign on the door says "Hank’s Fish Camp."  This property was originally a place where my aunt and her husband, Hank, (who was a Hayes as in Hayes St. and the Belmont Hayes’) would come on Blogger_brock_parties_048weekends to fish.  Back in those days, Madison was a good ways out of town.


Kaye knows how to throw out a spread.

Blogger_brock_parties_065 Terry and Kaye with their assorted chilluns and chilluns-in-law.  When I was reading Newscoma‘s talking about Milsap this morning, it made me think of something hilarious Cousin Joe said. (Joe is the last guy on the right).  Joe used to work for Milsap for a number of years.  He traveled with him all over the country.  He was talking about Barbara Mandrell and how useless she was to music.  He said the absolute funniest line of the night when he said "All Barbara Mandrell ever did for us was give us the seatbelt." 

Blogger_brock_parties_053 I got to meet Cousin Marshall for the first time.  Marshall’s grandfather was my grandfather’s brother. I told him about the pact the Collie Brothers had that whoever died first would go pee on the other one’s grave.  He dug that.

Blogger_brock_parties_038 Look at this great fireplace.  I don’t know if you can see the gun under the mantel, but, that gun was made by my great-great-great grandfather, who was a gunsmith.  Doesn’t Terry have nice balls hanging there?  Every year, Kaye decorates Christmas balls and we take one home.  I always tell Cousin Terry that he has nice balls.

Blogger_brock_parties_047_1 Thank you again, Terry and Kaye for another High Bluff Christmas.