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I’ll Have A Blue Christmas

Imgp0543 Call me crazy, but, there’s something about this picture that disturbs me deep down in my Christmas lovin’ soul.  I don’t think Poinsettia’s were meant to be blue.  Ever since I saw it at the Kroger the other day, it’s bugged me.  It bugs me in the same way this sort of thing bothers me.  Thanksgiving_2006_043

When I took this picture a little bit ago, it was slightly awkward.  One, I’m sure the older lady walking by me wondered why I was taking a picture of poinsettias and two, the lady who was paralyzed shielding her kids in the tornado was in the produce section at the time and I didn’t want her to think I was taking pitchers of her!  Yes, yes…being the blogger I am, the thought crossed my mind, but, I decided blue poinsettias were way more of a freak show than her.


I was thinking I must be something special because my newest boyfriend, J-Dub, seemingly couldn’t take his eyes off me Saturday night.  Then, I find out, he did Aunt B the same way as well as every other female that was there. He was so cute and he was just a’flingin’ those arms in glee. I’m at a place in life where I don’t feel the need to hold every little person I see because I spent so many years with one attached to my person, but, I had to hold J-Dub.  Just had to get my hands on him, he’s so cute.

I did enjoy meeting the little Dube and especially his purty mama, Linda.  She is quite tall.  So is Kate.  And Jag.  I’m jealous of tall, slender blogger gals.  The_dubes

Linda and I share something in common being our old men work when other people are off.  I love the story of how she and Joe met.  She’ll have to tell that.