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What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

The Beautiful Dawta was able to go by the taping at Grandma’s today for Southern Fried Flicks and got to meet Lindsay Haun.  Apparently, Lindsay is known amongst the young, teen set.  The only thing I knew of this young lady before today was that she was in that Toby Keith movie.

Lindsay won me over and I wasn’t even there.  Lindsay signed a picture for the Daughter and wrote on there "You are so beautiful!" My kid is beautiful (we think anyway) and at that horrendous age for girls when they don’t think they’re pretty.  In fact, when D told me about the picture of her and Lindsay, before I saw it, she saidTara_and_lindsay_haun "I look really bad in it." Um, I don’t think so.

Oh and speaking of Southern Fried Flicks, set your TiVO’s for this Sunday cause that’s when the Smiff Clan appears to have our 60 seconds of trying to make it look like an Osmond Family Christmas, ‘cept there wasn’t time for dancing or ice skating. The movie this Sunday is Great Balls of Fire, which was the first movie Mr. Smiff and I ever saw together on like our second date.

Oh and one more thing, if you don’t have your New Year’s plans set in cee-ment yet, the IBMA Entertainers of the Year, Grammy Nominees, and one of them My Babys’ Daddy, are playing the Station Inn.  Maybe Mr. Smiff will be the one to wear the diaper as Baby New Year this year.  I’ll be there just so I can get some cheap champagne.

Here Comes Santy Claus

We’re probably the last people on the block to get one, but, we finally got us a bigscreen tv.  Mr. Smiff has been wanting one for years and Santa finally brung us one.

That sucker is huge.  We had to borrow our next door neighbor’s truck to haul it home.  See that big ol’ boy there? Blogger_brock_parties_083  That’s why I had two sons right there.  So they can help carry heavy stuff.  Having a tall son comes in handy, too cause they can reach things that are up high when the tall daddy isn’t home.

Trev_and_new_tv #2 was not a whole lotta help in the hauling the tv in process.  He was pretty excited though, as you can see, he did a happy dance in the truck.  Trev_does_happy_dance And yes…those are shorts he is wearing.  And cowboy boots. And long sleeves .  In December.  That was his idea, not mine.

Whenever there is something to be put together or figured out in this house, you know it because you can hear Mr. Smiff cussing a mile away.  It’s pretty funny.  I even tried to video him trying to fit the tvTerry_figures_it_out_1  in the door.  Of course, he didn’t even say as much as a "shit" in that process. He grunted a little bit, but, no study in Anger Management.  I was disappointed.

Not disappointed, however, in the 52 inch teevee.  It’s a long way from the first teevee we had, which was a 13 inch one that was given to me by the Cheating Boyfriend (who, incidentally, I saw at the grocery store the other day).  We used that tv for the first 4 years we were married.  When we bought us a 20 something inch, we thought we were in high cotton.

Thank you, Santy Claus.