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Child Stars

This Dakota Fanning girl…I’m sitting here watching her on Leno and it is just downright disturbing listening to this "child" talk.  Something in me wonders if she’s really about 40 years old and is a midget.  12 year old girls are not supposed to talk like she does.  They’re supposed to sound like my own girl of that age and use lots of "likes" and "you knows" and flip their hair around and say "Gaaaaaaash MaMUH (Mama)" and stuff like that. I don’t care if they’re in movies or regular little girls in middle school. You watch, she’s going to end up like Buffy someday, meanwhile Mama and Daddy Fanning are living well with their little girl supporting them.

Like that time Drew Barrymore was about 6 and was on Johnny Carson and was missing her two front teeth and they made her wear FALSE teeth.  As if there’s something abnormal about a 6 year old missing the top teeth. 

Oh, and as much as I love the musical "Annie", nothing makes me crazier to hear a child, with a ridiculously advanced vibrato, sing "Tomorrow." 

We live in such a crazy, retarded world.

Let’s Make A List!

We like lists don’t we? I wish I could transfer my enjoyment of making lists of my favorite music and movies into my real life in hopes that it will make me a more organized poy-son. Alas, that will probably never be.

In the spirit of lists and the end of the year, our friends over at WNCW radio, over in the state that gave us Mr. Smiff, North Carolina, are wanting you to make a list of your favorites and you just might win some cool cds.  Just go and list your favorite cd’s of 2006. 

Now, if your favorite music tends to be things that Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney or anybody in Top 40 pop sing, then you need to just skip this exercise.   WNCW is one of those stations that you will never ever hear the current top 40 crapola of the day.  They play blues, jazz,bluegrass, Celtic, acoustic and other cool stuff. 

We need more WNCW’s in this old world. 

RIP Peter Boyle

Peterboyle I love, love, LOVED him in While You Were Sleeping and Raymond.  It was pretty much the same character, but, he was great.  Did you know John Lennon was his Best Man when he got married?

Say What?

Did our high school yearbooks cost $67 back in the 80’s? 

That’s what I just chunked down for Manchild’s yearbook.  The original bill said $88 and that was to have been for a "Personalized Icon", the name to be engraved on it, and other useless crap designed to do nothing but make parents poor. 

I made the executive decision to not have the Ying and Yang icon on there (WTF?) and Manchild can write his own name inside the cover.