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Heirlooms Part-I Forget

Santa I’m a little behind on my little Christmas heirloom thingy, but, that’s ok. 

This is my Santa.  This particular Santa has been hanging on this door that is in my kitchen leading to the garage since 1996.  I bought him after Christmas 1995 for almost nothing.  The reason I wanted this Santa was cause growing up, we had the exact same Santa that hung on the utility closet door in our converted garage den when I was growing up.  He has the same face and the same green mittens.  This is one of those kitschy decorations that it is simply not Christmastime without.

I think this is a picture of the real Santa.  Ok, a draw-ring. Still, that face is what I think the real Santa looks like.

Some Sistaly Advice

You know those things they advertise on tv…those cool automatic shower cleaners?  After you get out of the shower, you push a little button and it sprays stuff and the Scrubbing Bubbles are supposed to get to work and clean the shower.  Scrubbing20bubbles

I went and bought me one today.  I don’t know if the Smiff Shower will receive any help from the Scrubbing Bubbles, but, I have learned a very important lesson that I feel is my duty to impart to you:

Do not, and I repeat, do not stand and watch the sprayer go off on its inaugural spray. Hit the button and get outta dodge before it stops spraying. It makes your skin and eyes hurt, if you don’t. Don’t ask me how I know this.  Just trust me.

Put On My Dancing Shoes

My sister, Gastrica, is taking tap dance lessons.  I better not ever again hear her or my cousins laugh at me for tapdancing in the closet when I was about 5.  They just loooove to laugh at the memory of little bitty Sista who was all about the cousins tap shoes AND the fact they had a real floor in their bedroom (I had pink, shag, carpeting) and it was a perfect place to tapdance.  Their memory is of me at about 6 in the morning tap dancing in the closet.  I guess I thought I wouldn’t wake them in there.  Heh.  Reminds me of something #2 would do now.

Anyway, there’s a mildly retarded lady in her tap class who came up with a brilliant idea.  She thought it would be a great thing if all the girls in the class got matching fishnet stockings. Don’t you think that’s just swell? I think they should get them just like this.  Fishnetstockings3

I think I might look into clogging lessons, myself.  Rex L. Camino should consider it as well.  As should Ivy.  That would go great with her singing.

A Drink Before Work

Who needs a laugh this morning?  Then, go watch this.  Good grief, that’s funny.