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Giddy-up Let’s Go

Which version of Sleigh Ride  do you like better…the one by Leroy Anderson or Arthur Fiedler? I reckon they’re the same arrangement, basically.

I much prefer an  instrumental version to just about any vocal rendition of Sleigh Ride, with the exception of Ella Fitzgerald cause she is just the shiz on it. Both of these versions kick some Christmas arse.  I think Fiedler’s version has a little more oomph and sass to it. Especially on the part where the tubas come in.  They just get down and dirty.  (I’m making myself laugh saying Arthur Fiedler gets down and dirty wid it) although Leroy’s horses are a little more lively. I don’t know.  The more I listen to them, the more identical they sound.   

So, which version of Sleigh Ride gets your horse a’trottin? 

Famous Person Sighting

I got mucho Christmas shopping done today at the Opry Mills.  Sadly, I didn’t see my favorite mall walker, BUT, much to my delight, I saw Roni Stoneman in real, live person at Gibson. I know y’all are jealous. She was pretty subdued and wasn’t beating anybody over the head with a rolling pin. That was disappointing.

Manchild Bragging

That firstborn of mine is so smart.  He’s going to be taking his first high school exams next week and he only has to take two.  That Son-Uf-a-Sista is exempt from TWO exams.  He would’ve been exempt from English but there was some sort of rule of some sort.  Unbelievable.  That’s my boy.

***Update.  I am corrected.  Manchild is exempt from ALL of his exams.  I’m so tickled, I could cry.  I won’t though cause he’ll think I’m stupid.