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Osmond Love

161269oscf I’m so tickled to know that Jay Osmond is a fellow blogger.  Y’know, Jay was Gastrica’s favorite Osmond Brother whilst your Sista leaned highly towards Wayne.

I’m so full of Osmond love today cause I’ve been watching Donny & Marie’s 1978 Christmas special on dvd.  Manchild is questioning why his Aunt Gastrica and I loved those Osmonds so.  He’s sure Jimmy Osmond had to be gay and somewhat questioning Donny’s wearing a turtleneck with a sparkly Christmas tree just like his sister had one.  Heh.

Sista To Sing On Grand Ole Opry

Sorta…my church choir is "opening" for the Rockettes Tuesday night at the Opry house.  I didn’t know my little number was included in that bunch and I was not planning on going.  We  had gone to see the Rockettes a few Christmases ago when Mr. Smiff was working with Mike Snider and he read Twas The Night Before Christmas before the show started and was kind enough to treat all of us to the show.  The show is absolutely fabulous, but, it’s the sorta thing that once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it, ya know?

Oh geez…that was the time we were waiting to go out to our seats backstage and all these Little People started coming in the door.  They were part of the show and we had to keep #2 from looking cause if he’d have seen it, it would’ve been like Buddy the Elf when he saw the Little Person author. Oh lordy, it was funny.

I’m a little  wigged that the one time I get to sing at the Opry House, it’s in a friggin choir robe, but, I can add that to my list of places  I’ve sung in a quartet, the other being the Ryman 2 years ago.  Even more odd is that I’m singing the same song.  It ain’t "Crazy" but, it’s still fun.

If you were planning on seeing the Rockettes, what better time than when your Sista in on?  You can get tickets here