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Happy Blogaversary

I just realized that today could be considered my official Blogaversary.  It was on this date last year that I began blogging regularly.  I had started the blog back in the spring before and posted one or two things, but, never did it again til December.  I did, however, read lots of them before I got into it…Rex L. Camino and Busy Mom were two I remember reading regularly. I discovered them though through the blog stylings of Neil Orne.  Does Neil even blog anymore?  So, we can either blame Neil, Rex and Miz Biz for this or thank them.  Take your pick.

So, to celebrate this auspicious occasion, I give you some video, fresh off the digital camera.  Yes, friends, I know you’ve been dying to hear my musical offerings.  I especially know you’ve been looking forward to seeing your Sista decked out in one of those sexy choir robes.  They are smokin’ hot, those things are. 

Anyway, I’ll not tease you anymore.  I know you’re dying to hear this so I give you Mike the TSU professor singing bass, Jake the Undertaker singing lead and Craig of Smoky Mountain Music cds, the Swan Ball and every other major social event in Nashville that he provides music for and your Sista in her hot robe.  Try to contain yourselves.   (Keep in mind my 13 year old Drama Queen was doing the photographing and it’s not a real video camera.  The quality ain’t the best. In fact, it’s more palatable to just listen to than watch.  You might have a dizzy seizure)

Heirlooms-Christmas Tree

Christmas_1973 This picture was made about 1973 at the Collie house on Spring Valley Dr. in Brentwood.  I do think this was he longest our hair ever was since our mother was so fond of chopping our hair off and being sure we resembled two little boys instead of two little girls. Maybe she wanted sons?  I dunno.  Gastrica is the one in blue and your Sista is the one with the Pebbles Flintstone ‘do. (If you look close, you’ll see a white snowman ornament on the tree.  That ornament hangs on the Smiff tree today.)

That tree.  I’m assuming that tree went to Christmas Tree Heaven long ago.  It was a fake tree and we had it for years.  It was one of those trees that seemingly took for-ever to put up.  We’d drag that box out of the attic every year, with me and Gastrica jumping up and down with glee.  We’d have to match all the colors on the end of the branches and then they’d all have to be stuck in the tree base.  It seemed like it took hours to do.  It probably didn’t, just seemed that way.

Our mother was so anal about the tree.  Every ornament was meticulously placed and her rule was "Big ornaments on the bottom, little ones on the top."  There was no exception to that rule.  To even try to randomly place an ornament would get you banished from touching the ornaments.

After the ornaments were placed, Bobbie Jean would spray fake snow on the tree.  It never for a second looked like "Hey, we had snow in our living room!"  Ever.  But, it made Bobbie Jean feel good to spray it just as meticulously as she had placed every ornament.

You can see the tree a little bit here, too.  The best part about the picture, though, is Bobbie Jean’s messed up hair.  This picture was Christmas_morning made probably at 5:30 in the morning and she had not had her coffee yet (perked in her Corning Percolator) and smoked her Marlboro yet.  She and Biff had probably been up most of the night putting our stuff together.  Check out that chalkboard. I’m here to tell you, many pretend classes were held at the helm of that chalkboard.

Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra

I took this little test here that the Chicago Tribune has published and boy howdy, I only missed one!  When it comes to Christmas songs and Osmonds, I know my stuff.   Hee.

Now, you go take it.