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Frosted Window Panes, Candles Gleaming Inside…

I think my Missouri gal, Blogarita, should be crowned Queen of the Memes.  She always has good ones and this one doesn’t disappoint. This one is all about your Christmas traditions.

Where do you spend the Christmas holiday? As a rule, we are right here in Middle Tennessee for Christmas.  There are some years we Christmas_99 will travel to North Carolina to see the kith and kin there, but, we’ll go either a little before or after Christmas.  I was always big on Santa coming to our house, plus, it’s a pain to haul Santa on the road.  That said, the times we go to NC during Christmas are wonderful, fun times.  I wish we were a little closer, logistically, so we could make the trip more often. We spend Christmas day lots of times just chilling out here with the kids digging their new stuff.  This year Hazel will be in town for probably the first Christmas Day that I’ve ever known her.  She always went to NC, but, since her mother died this year, wants to stay home.  My sister usually comes in the day or so after Christmas or we have been known to do our Christmas New Year’s Day.  Doesn’t matter what day it’s on.  As long as we can hook up at some point.

Do your kids write letters to Santa? I noticed #2 was writing one to him this very evening.  He’s really straddling the fence of belief vs. no belief.

Do you hang mistletoe? No, but, I wish I had some.  I used to date a guy who would go out and get real, live misteltoe from the woods.  He is, to this day, the only person I know who does that.

Do you leave cookies and milk for Santa? Well, duh!  Either cookies or sausage balls or whatever, but, yes, one must leave treats for Santa.  It’s a good idea to leave Magic Reindeer Food, too. We spend all day tracking Santa through Norad.  We’ve been doing this as long as we’ve had the internet.  Guess which of my kids gets more excited about this than any of them?  Yes, exempt from exams- trying to grow some sort of beard- Manchild. He also can’t stop watching the Donny and Marie Christmas special.

Do you open your gifts Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? Christmas morning.

When do you put the gifts under your tree? Most of them, I put under the tree as they’re wrapped.  The tree has been a pain this year, being real and all and the stand has leaked water.  It reminds me of the argument of why a fake tree makes more sense. I sometimes question putting the presents out because the Smiff Kids are constantly messing with them.

Do you hang and stuff stockings? Santa leaves stuff in the stockings for the kids, but, dang him…he hasn’t left me or Mr. Smiff anything for years in ours.

Do you leave the lights on your tree on overnight? When the tree is fake and we aren’t worried about the quickly drying out tree catching fire and burning the house down and us winding up one of those sad, Christmas morning news stories…yes.  When the tree is fake, we leave it on round the clock during Christmas.

Do you take turns opening gifts, or is it a free for all? If this were a house of grownups, perhaps their might be a one at a time, but, no way.  Everybody tears into their stuff like maniacs.

What is your traditional Christmas meal? I vowed a couple Christmases ago I would not spend all day Christmas Day cooking because by the time the 25th gets here, I’m worn out from making it all happen.  We usually have finger stuff on Christmas Eve…Sausage Balls, Little Smokies, Haystacks are the Big Three that everybody insists on, but, I have other stuff, too.  I’ll usually fix an egg casserole thing the day before and throw that in the oven Christmas morning.  Last year, we ate supper at the China Buffet, ala a Christmas Story, and had so much fun, I’m voting for making that a tradition.

Do you buy or make gifts for your pets? No and hell no.  I love them, but, they’re dogs and cats. Last I checked, dogs have no sense of what the date is. The cats spend the rest of the year making me nuts and terrorizing my house, so I’m not doing diddly for them. Now, I have gotten bones for them on Christmas before.  I’d go out of my way for the dogs way before I would the cats.

Do you have any other Christmas traditions? If you celebrate a winter holiday other than Christmas, what are some of your customs and traditions? Christmas Eve it’s very important to me for us to go to church, which we usually do. We have a Candlelight Communion in the Round service.  When we went to the other, bigger, mega church here in town, we went to services there which were also fantastic.Christmas_98

I’m going to add one of my own here…what are your favorite Christmas movies that you must watch every year and name a few of your favorite Christmas songs.  My absolute most favorite Christmas movie is Miracle On 34th St.  but we love A Christmas Story, Elf, Christmas Vacation, It’s A Wonderful Life, Holiday Inn, White Christmas…..songs-I love all the Christmas carols, especially Hark The Herald Angels Sing, O Come All Ye Faithful  and for regular songs I love anything Christmasy that Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and The Carpenters Christmas album. Anything listed over there <<< is a favorite too. I love me some Christmas music.

If you want to play, you can answer in the comments or take this post as a meme.

The Sun Is Shining, The Grass Is Green, The Orange and Palm Trees Sway

I do hate to be a whiner, but, for the love of Perry Como, I really don’t like the weather being this warm a week before Christmas.  I was outside getting something out of the car earlier and if it weren’t for my neighborhood being lit up like the Griswolds, you would think maybe it was late March or sometime in September. 

This time of year, I want long sleeves. I want sweaters.  If you wear them when it’s so warm like it is now, you feel like you’re in menopause.  Not to mention the naturally curly hair that one takes great pains to smooth with the flat iron looking like the bunch on Seinfeld’s hair looked on the episode that they had no water pressure.

When I was out and about town today, there were people in shorts everywhere.  Why, I even saw a fat, redneck feller in shorts and a tank top with his tattoos showing.  I went to lunch today with my friends Bob and Doug (not the McKenzie Brothers) and Doug was all decked out in shorts. 

I need me some Christmas Chill. And fast cause in a week, Christmas will be over and gone and that infamous After Christmas Letdown will set in.


I got me a new phone.  When my little Drama Queen got her Pink Razr back on her birthday, I kinda thought "I like this.  I must have one" so I got one.  The catch was, I was not allowed to get a pink one because that would have been horrible in the world of the Phone Drama Queen.  Manchild is getting a black one for his birthday in a couple weeks, so, I got stuck with silver.  The funny thing is the DQ thinks my phone is "cooler" than hers.  How quickly things get old to them.

I will have to get Tom Jones on this one. I’ve got the Peanuts singing "Hark The Herald Angels Sing" on it and "Linus and Lucy."  Tom somehow should rule my phone and I don’t know why.