I do hate to be a whiner, but, for the love of Perry Como, I really don’t like the weather being this warm a week before Christmas.  I was outside getting something out of the car earlier and if it weren’t for my neighborhood being lit up like the Griswolds, you would think maybe it was late March or sometime in September. 

This time of year, I want long sleeves. I want sweaters.  If you wear them when it’s so warm like it is now, you feel like you’re in menopause.  Not to mention the naturally curly hair that one takes great pains to smooth with the flat iron looking like the bunch on Seinfeld’s hair looked on the episode that they had no water pressure.

When I was out and about town today, there were people in shorts everywhere.  Why, I even saw a fat, redneck feller in shorts and a tank top with his tattoos showing.  I went to lunch today with my friends Bob and Doug (not the McKenzie Brothers) and Doug was all decked out in shorts. 

I need me some Christmas Chill. And fast cause in a week, Christmas will be over and gone and that infamous After Christmas Letdown will set in.