I felt like Miz Biz today, I was so busy.  I don’t know if you can actually call it "busy".  I was just not at home for the majority of the day.

I went by the Mother In Law’s to check on the progress of her redecorating her tv room.  Mr. Smiff, Brother In Law Smiff, Nephew Smiff #1 and my very own Manchild were all busy at work painting the room before they rip the carpet out to make way for hardwood flooring. I was watching Manchild ripping nails out of the floor and it dawned on me, he is the biggest man working on this project.  His daddy is taller, but, Manchild outweighs him by quite a bit.  I guess this is Manly Bonding at its finest, but, it was kinda fun seeing the Manchild doing something so grown up like.  He was able to participate today while his classmates were taking their exams because, as I bragged about the other day, (and will brag about again today right ‘chere cause I can) he is exempt from them cause he’s brilliant and all that. 

I came back to the house to get the Drama Queen and #2 when they got home.  Mr. Smiff had to get ready for an Opry spot tonight and I dropped the kids back at Grandma’s and went to Opry Mills to get a couple Christmas shopping-type things before I had to meet the church choir people over at the Acuff Theater before we did our big opening for the Rockettes.  We had a good time.  My church family has some fantastic people in it.  I just love them. We’ve all been in each other’s faces a bit the last couple weeks, but, we’ve had a lot of fun.  I haven’t had as much fun doing a churchy music thing in years.

I remembered, when we were singing our songs on the Opry stage that I HAVE sung on that stage before. I didn’t sing in front of a microphone with me and three other people, but, I have been out there before. It was Christmas 1986 and Charlie Douglas hosted a ginormous Christmas Carol singalong at the Opry House.  We all stood on the stage and I remember standing next to the Forester Sisters, Sharon and Cheryl White (before I knew them personally. I was in such total awe of them.  They are up at the top of the list of my favorite singers, ever), standing in front of a couple of the Jordanaires, Gordon Stoker and the late Duane West; Melba Montgomery was close by, too.  That was a fun, fun night that I had completely forgotten about.  **Note to a particular reader who seems to question the authenticity of my claims of rubbing shoulders with people … I was blessed enough to be born to a father who made his living in country music. He ran in some pretty cool circles, thus, allowing me to be able to meet and sometimes hang out with some interesting people. I worked in the music business for awhile and cultivated some of my own friendships/brushes with greatness. Then, when I married Mr. Smiff the brushes with greatness have continued thanks to him and my mother in law.  For us, it’s normal life. I don’t try to brag or sound pretentious when I talk about people like that. Like some families have businesses like stores or firms…my family business is hillbilly music and has been since about 1945. If the Old Man would’ve been a politician or something, maybe I could’ve talked politics with a teensy bit of intelligence, alas, that was not the case. And some of this stuff, you just can’t make up!**

Anyway, when I left the Opry House (didn’t stay for the Rockettes) and got in the car, I turned the radio on and there was Mr. Smiff and Crew doing Roll Muddy River.  How funny it was that we were both on Opry stages, almost simeltaneously.  Difference is, he was on an actual Opry broadcast and he was not wearing a choir robe. Heh. Robe or not, it was fun and got me even more in a Christmas mood…lordy, is that possible?

I ran by the funeral home to see my friend, former co-worker Debbie (who I didn’t realize how much I missed her until I saw her) whose daddy died the other day.  His death was a little unexpected and I told her that there’s never a good time for a family member to die, but, something about it happening right at Christmas seems to make it worse.  I told her how my mother has a hard time with Christmas because of that and she said "I’m not going to let this ruin Christmas.  Christmas isn’t about us anyway."  Amen to that.  I miss the heck outta my friend Debbie.  She used to absolutely keep me in stitches.  Probably the most outspoken and blunt person I know.  You never have to doubt what Debbie’s thinking. 

I got the DQ and ran over some of her exam stuff with her.  I had totally forgotten about the word "tectonics."  Words like that take me back to 1981-82.  So much so, I can almost hear the Go Go’s and Joan Jett in the background.  Oh and "Double Dutch Bus."

Then, DQ wanted to get stuff to make "goodie bags" for her little girlfriends at school.  The word "goodie bag" scares the daylights outta me.  She was saying "Oh, it won’t be expensive." HA!  I know better.  We actually did ok price wise.  Instead of little bags, we got some of those 99 cent stockings and she put a couple things in it.  It worked out nicely.  I told DQ she had to be reeeeally nice, respectful and agreeable for at least a few days for me being so nice in buying that crap.

I really didn’t mean for this to be so long. I left out a very important and I think very funny tidbit of the evening.  I’ll do it another post.  IIt concerns Mr. Smiff and it just about cracked me up.