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Christmas Cards

Since postage is so stinking expensive, I couldn’t send an official Smiff Christmas Card to everybody.  My pal, Producer J got one, though and she was darlin’ enough to put it up at her blog.  See, J. herself took one of the photos her own self.  The one of #2 holding the IBMA Entertainer of the Year award.  It was one of my most favorite pictures of him in 2006.  Card205

Another photo in the montage of Smiffs I must give credit to is the extremely cool photo of Mr. Smiff that was taken by the fantastic MaryE, I think up at Pickin’ In The Pasture in Lodi, New York, this summer.  His face is framed through Mike Bub’s bass.  I thought it was just absolutely amazing. 

Thank you, girls.

Cush Love

The Nashville Scene has its "Best Of" issue out and I am tickled to death to see Charlie Cushman listed under "Hidden Treasures."  In my eyes there is no finer picker than Cush.

Many long years ago, when I was trying to get Mr. Smiff’s attention, I’d trot down to the Station Inn to see Blueridge Connection, which consisted of Mr. Smiff, Brother In Law Smiff, Johnny Warren on fiddle (now a golf pro and no joke, one of the finest and most unique fiddlers ever to pick up a bow) and Charlie.  Because your Sista has long been a freakette, when others would holler out the regular requests for Fox on the Run, I was hollering "Dill Pickle Rag" and stuff like that.  Charlie always obliged me, God love him.

Charlie did us the large honor of playing in our wedding and he’s just long been one of my favorites of all Mr. Smiff’s musician friends.  In fact, and this is pretty funny, but, back years ago when I was younger and way more insecure than I am now, Mr. Smiff and I were having a "discussion" about things.  As the discussion heated, Mr. Smiff said I didn’t like any of his friends (this wasn’t true, by the way) and I said, very angrily, "That’s not true…I like Charlie Cushman!"  I did and I do.

Charlie’s been on the road with Vince Gill of late.  I’m tickled to see Charlie get some props cause he’s deserving of every one he gets.  Charlie had a cat once that called him by his given name…no joke.


School is out for Christmas.  Now that I have a high school and middle school kid, I don’t get the great, homemade Christmas presents they make at school.  I’ve had some dandy ones through the years and they really are my prized treasures.

Thank goodness I’ve still got a "little" one bringing me great stuff.  #2 got home a bit ago and he thought he had left my Christmas present on the bus.  His little face dissolved into tears and just total anguish.  He had been telling me about the present he had for me and how excited he was to bring it home.  I thought I was going to have to call the school board to track down the bus driver.  He was so, so hurt.  Nothing makes a mom hurt more than to see one of her kids hurt.  Whether its a big deal or not.  Something like this he had worked so hard on. 

Thank goodness, he found it…the best Christmas present I could ever get this year…Christmas_2006_001

Andy’s Right…That IS Messed Up

I so love the Recovering Baptist.  In her latest post, she discusses how she took her mother downtown to the Bill Gaither concert and the plethora of police cars that were there.  As if the Mee Maw and Paw Paw crowd would be causing trouble downtown. 

I see Andy Cordan at Channel 2 is doing a story today on how Metro’s finest are on every block downtown, writing tickets for silly things when their services could best be used elsewhere.  How timely this report is.  Mr. Smiff could’ve been a subject for interview for it.

Last night, after he played the Opry at the Ryman, he dropped Bobo off at the Station Inn.  He had just turned on Broadway when a police officer who was about 14 stopped him and gave him a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt.  Mr. Smiff lost his Christmas cheer at about that time. 

Now, Mr. Smiff should wear a seatbelt.  I tell him this all the time. I’m a big believer in seatbelts and have worn mine religously since 1984 when my mother was in a head on collision. I have been in two car accidents myself where I feel certain the fact that I was buckled up prevented me from doing hospital time.  I think everybody should wear one. 

The thing about it that makes my ass want to chew tobacco is this…there Madison, where my mother in law lives, does not have near enough policemen out there.  Those two, young guys lost their lives to those thugs last week while they were trying to make a living.  Guys in their early 20’s who left their native home of Egypt to make a better life for them and their families.  No telling how many hours a week those guys worked.  Did you see the people, their customers, who came to pay tribute to them?  Two young lives snuffed out for a few bucks. 

  I heard somebody say the reason those  asshat/thugs/losers/cowards came to Madison was because it’s known amongst the criminal low lives that there’s not a ton of police out there.  But noooo…they can’t have more policemen in Madison because they have to stop dangerous people like Mr. Smiff and give him a ticket for not wearing his seatbelt.  There are no telling how many drunks out driving Nashville city streets, but, dammit, Mr. Smiff WILL be stopped for not having his seatbelt on.

How do you answer that Chief Serpas?  I bet David Briley has a plan for this.

Another Smiff

Blogger_brock_parties_111 This is my Dog-Phew. I don’t know how else to refer to my nephew’s dog, that has been around for 13 or 14 years other than my dogphew.  This is Poichy. I don’t know if that’s how you spell his name or not.  It’s a Japanese name.  Poichy used to wouldn’t give me the time of day except to nip at my heels.  Now, he lurves me.  He’s mellowing in his old age.  I think it’s cause I feed him goodies. 

Poichy used to be so fat, he looked like a loaf of bread instead of a chiuahua.  He’s as much a Smiff as anybody.