Taking a cue from Kat, I’m tagging myself cause I loves to talk about Christmas stuff.

Favorite Christmas Movie: I like lots of them, but, if I had to pick my favorite one of all, it has to be Miracle on 34th St. Great casting, great story with a couple of my favorite movie quotes ever:

Thelma Ritter to Santa when he promises her kid he’ll get a particular firetruck that’s hard to find:  "Pssst….Macy’s ain’t got’ny. Nobody’s got’ny."    "Stand over there…Mama wawnts ta thanks Sinta Clawss, too." 

Drunk Mrs. Shellhammer on the phone regarding whether Kris Kringle can stay with them: "Oh we’d love to have Santy Claus come and stay with us.  I think it would be siiiimply chaaaaah-ming."

Oh, and the little Dutch girl who doesn’t speak English and Santa just starts babbling to her and they sing that little song?  It ALWAYS makes me tear up. 

Favorite Christmas Song: Oh geez…that’s a hard one. Depends on what day it is.  Any of the carols are my favorites and non-carols…aw, I can’t pick one.  I like them all.

Favorite Christmas cookie: I don’t give a rats ass about Christmas cookies.  Don’t ask me why.

Favorite Christmas gift ever received:

Manchild was a late Christmas present one year.  He was born the day after New Year’s 1992.  We were so broke and my dad was dying.  He was our Christmas that year.  The only happy thing.

Least favorite thing about Christmas:

When it’s over and Christmas stuff starts coming down. Some years I’m ready to say bye bye to it, most I’m not.

Where would your perfect Christmas be:

The house clean and tons of family and friends hanging out laughing and talking.

Favorite part of Christmas:

Anticipation, music, lights…all of it.

Favorite Christmas Decoration you own:
All of them.

When do you put up the tree?:

Usually as soon as possible after Thanksgiving.  Some years, we’ve put it up before Thanksgiving, but, those are the years I get sick of it so I avoid that.

Do you wear "holiday" sweaters/sweatshirts/t shirts?:

Not really anymore.  I do have a pretty sweater that’s not so old lady looking that I’ll wear and a red sweatshirt that doesn’t scream "Old" on it.

Tagging everybody who reads this.