It is 5:45 a.m. and I’m trying to figure out if I should make coffee and attempt to get something done before #2 wakes up, raring to go or since it is the first day of Christmas Break, should I head back to the bed? 

I’m scared if I go back to bed, I’ll sleep too late and then I’ll feel odd all day.  My cousin is in town from Houston and she had emailed me wanting to do lunch today and she asked if I wanted to show them around the Hall of Fame. (I don’t guess she realizes that it’s been 20 years since I was a HOF tour guide). The answer to that would be a big N-O.  I love the HOF, but, it would take the better part of an afternoon. I like to go places like that when I can take my time and look at my own pace.  The two times I’ve been to the new HOF (I’ve been a couple other times for events) I’ve not been able to take as long as I’ve wanted because I’ve been at the mercy of others. Plus,  Santa is on her way and she is not quite done trying to make Christmas happen.

Yay…my mother claims she’s going to Knoxville for Christmas. We hope this happens.