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What Would Jesus Do?

Nephew Smiff #2 re-reminded me of this clip.  Heh.  Love it.

Dennis Linde

I’ve always thought that Dennis Linde was one of the more unique and clever songwriters that’s ever been around.  I mean, the man wrote Burning Love, Goodbye Earl, Bubba Shot The Jukebox, Calling Baton Rouge, Had A Dream, and a buttload of other gems.geez….he was incredible. 

I’m bummed to hear that he died today. Absolutely one of the absolute great Nashville songwriters.

Moved On Up

Who’d have ever thought that George Jefferson would outlive Jeffersons1975still286461_1020_a Lionel?  Since we haven’t seen Mike Evans, who portrayed (rather wonderfully) Lionel Jefferson, in so many years and still think of him as a young, happenin’, black dude of the 70’s, it’s hard to imagine him dead at 57 of throat cancer.

Mike was also one of the co-creators of one of my favorite shows, Good Times.

Bloggah Sighting

The Drama Queen and I went over to Opry Mills to meet my cousin Sharon, who has been visiting from Houston the last couple days.  The place was crawling with people.  It made me glad I’m done Christmas shopping and not having to make any mad dashes and be all stressed out. I can laugh at everybody else. 

Standing there by the Rainforest looking for Sharon (jes, I was named after her. She’s old enough to be my mother. There were not many Sharons in my class growing up.  Sharon was all the mom’s names.) I look up and what to my wondering eyes should appear but our girl, Lindsay, from Suburban Turmoil

Even great with child, hobbling on a broken foot, pushing a stroller, Lindsay looked like something out of a magazine.  I got so tickled because the rest of the time I was at Opry Mills, Hubs musta passed us 10 times.  I looked up a time or two and he was pushing Baby in the stroller.  The next time I looked up and he walked by (while we were at Johnny Rocket’s) he had one of his older girls with him.  It was getting comical.  Hubs made his way around the mall this evening fo’ sho. Hubs is 10 times cuter in person than on tv.  He looks fine on tv but it doesn’t do him justice.  He’s rather striking.  Chris Clark looks frumpy (can men be frumpy?) on tv but is rather handsome in person. 

Poor Lindsay was probably sitting down with her feet up.  I hope so. I really feel for pregnant women.  It makes my pelvis hurt to see one. 

One Of My Favorite Nashville Christmas Memories

Slartibart, CLC, Hutch, Gastrica and others who have been in Nashville Channel_5 forever or if you don’t live here anymore, but, once did…this will take you down Memory Lane right here.

A True Legend and An Unlegend

Praise Jesus that Jessica Simpson’s attempt a singing a Dolly song was cut out from the Kennedy Center Honors.  Whoever thought she’d be a good one to have on that show should lose their job. Beverly Keel hit the proverbial nail smack down on the head and said the same thing I said about the whole thing:

While I know Dolly likes her, Jessica is not an artist but an unremarkable singer who has not recorded one memorable song. Unfortunately, she took the place of many far more deserving singers. Dolly is a national treasure; Jessica is a national punchline. The antithesis of Dolly, who is brilliant, charming and culturally vital, Jessica is all commerce and no art, all flash and no substance, all hype and little talent. After all, this is a woman who has based much of her career on being stupid. Why on earth would the Kennedy Center Honors show reward that with a very important performance slot?

I like Jessica as a personality and always got a kick outta her and Nick.  But honoring OUR Dolly?  Neh eh.

In another note, #2 came in here a bit ago and wanted to look at something on the computer.  He went to the Cartoon Network’s website and pulled up this page.  I had seen where Joseph Barbera had died earlier this week at the age of 95 and had meant to blog it, but, had forgot.  You want to talk about a legend…he was sure enough one.  Barbera_05

Can you imagine what our lives would’ve been like without Yogi Bear, Tom & Jerry, The Jetsons, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, Scooby Doo and the Flintstones?  Me neither. 

Holly Jolly Jesus, part 2

Part deux of the Smiffs attempt at family time. Mr. Smiff is so his natural self in this one. You get to hear Mr. Smiff gripe about fellow drivers even as he does every other day of the year. Maybe Road Rage classes are in order for him in 2007.  We’re retards.  Go see.