Christmas Eve is my favorite.  There’s a little buzz in the air on Christmas Eve.  The lights on the tree shine a little brighter, it seems than on Christmas Day or any of the days before.  There’s that sense of anticipation and excitement that is so much fun.

We’ve had a nice Christmas Eve.  The day started off with all the Smiffs in the same church house (Manchild attends a church where a lot of his friends attend) and me and the Mr. warbled nicely.  I think Mr. Smiff kinda dug singing with his old lady.  I was quite pleased to have him there.  I’m here to tell ya, it’s a different thang to sing with somebody like him as opposed to say, Harriet the Alto in the church choir.  Lordy me.  My Babys’ Daddy is one singin’ man. The_smiffs_sing

Being I only had to run out and grab a couple things to help Santa with the stockings, I didn’t have any serious shopping to do. I did run to Kroger and I do believe in my gut that I thwarted off a potential mugger.  I walked out the door with my cart of stuff and I noticed a young, black guy as I headed into the parking lot. He was probably 15 or 16 years old.  Something told me to pay attention to him. I had seen him in the store before and I had a weird feeling about him in the store, the way he was carrying himself.  He was watching me, I felt and not in a "Boy, she’s hot" sorta way.  He was watching me and then when I walked into the parking lot and something told me to turn around and I looked to see where he was, I couldn’t see him.  Then he peeked out from behind the column.  I made my way back and just kinda acted like I was waiting on somebody.  He was cutting his eyes at me and then finally, he went back in the store.  As I got in the car and had already pulled out of the parking lot, I then saw him way out in the parking lot, lurking between cars.  You can call me racist all you want, but, Dude was up to no good.  I called the store and told them to keep an eye on him. He might’ve just been waiting on somebody, but, I never once saw him with a person while I was in and around the store.  I hope he went on about his business and didn’t get into any trouble. 

I made our breakfast for tomorrow (a wonderful, Green Chile Egg Thingy I make every Christmas morning) and some other stuff to nibble on.  I’m going to make a Standing Rib Roast tomorrow.  Geez, I hope I don’t screw that up.

Just me and the Drama Queen went to church tonight for Candlelight_tara Candlelight Communion In The Round.  This is a wonderful tradition at our church.  We had some absolutely beautiful music with harps, acoustic instruments and some angelic voices, one belonging to a young lady I taught in Sunday School when she was about 5.  I had no idea this girl was a trained vocalist and listening to her sing "O Holy Night" brought mucho tearos to my eyes.

Me, Mr. Smiff, DQ and #2 headed over to the Duncan’s gorgeous house in Goodlettsville and had a lovely time there.  Craig’s had a lot of blog time with me lately.  He is such a wonderful person and has a precious wife, Peggy. Craig_peggy_trev  These two have been married for 5 years New Year’s Day. (I remember this cause they got married a few weeks after we remarried) Both lost their first spouses to cancer within a month of each other, fell in love and combined their families (both have 4 kids each) to form a beautiful, blended family.  They have a ChristmasDuncans_tree  Eve kinda house…warm, cozy and just all together Christmas_tradition wonderful.Peggys_village

On the way home from the Duncan’s, we narrowly missed hitting two deer.  We told #2 they might’ve been stray reindeer that mighta got loose from Santa’s sleigh.  With #2, you never can tell if he buys that stuff or not.   He has been monitoring Norad ALL day…I mean, since about 6:30 this morning.  That’s fun stuff right there.  I know that this will probably be the last year he’ll believe like he does now.  One of those things IHo_ho_ho  wish I could put in a bottle and hang onto forever. He’s my baby ya know.