Santa showed up.  Christmas_2006_014 Christmas_2006_023

Santa was exhuasted yesterday.  I mean, exhausted, coulda-stayed-on-the-couch sleeping all day exhausted. So much goes into putting on Chrismtas that when it’s here and done, I usually tend to want to take a long winter’s nap.  I really coulda stayed put yesterday.  Mr. Smiff even commented how dead I was. I had every intention of blogging something yesterday, but, besides being barred from the computer by the new Ipod users, I was just plumb wo’ out. That rarely happens with me. I’m sorta like the Energizer Bunny that way and I can go and go and go and then I crash. However, I was not able to crash because…

We had Christmas at Grandma’s yesterday afternoon.  Christmas_2006_027Christmas_2006_036

Christmas_2006_039  Manchild’s uncle got him a pellet gun.  He’ll shoot his eye out.

Freakin I had taken the niece back in early November and had her picture made for her parents for Christmas.  The niece kept the secret rather beautifully.(She’s 19 months old)  That was fun.  I thought they were going to soil themselves for a minute, though.  Here, the sister in law is saying "NO you didn’t."  Then she bawled her little eyes out.  Hee.  It’s fun to surprise somebody like that.

My nephews (ages 22 and 20) went and got their Auntie Sista some Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume stuff.  I can’t believe those boys did that for me.  Isn’t that the neatest? I’ve beAdam_mattie_poichyen wanting some of that for a long time.

My family got me one of those Homedics massage things you put in a chair.  Everytime I go to Walgreen’s to get a perscription, I always look forward to the massager.  It’s some kinda good.  I was so surprised to have one under my tree yesterday morning. 

I gave Mr. Smiff a dvd collection of the classic tv show Christmas_2006_051_1 This Is Your Life

We’re going to ride  up to Knoxville today to have a little Christmas with Gastrica and her family. I plan on napping on the drive.