So today begins the After Christmas Cleanup.  Sheesh. Where in the world are we going to put all of #2’s Christmas crap? 

The tree must come down today.  Poor tree.  It was so gorgeous when we first got it, and in spite of watering it twice a day, the poor thing has dried out.  Dried out so much the branches droop.  Drooping branches, dropping ornaments.  I love a real tree, but, I don’t know if I’m going to have another one next year.  It’s like babysitting.  You have to constantly worry about the water situation, you can’t really leave the lights on all day, which I like to do ordinarily. 

So, we continued the Christmas Viztin’ yesterday and drove up to Knoxville to see Gastrica and her bunch. It was a lovely time.  She Christmas_2006_068 loved her Donny & Marie dvd I gave her and we delighted in reliving our childhoods watching a little of it.

Christmas_2006_067 The cousins checking out Payton’s new, cool toy.


The Niece got a new bed she was awfully proud of.

Christmas_2006_056 Gastrica gave us this cool, framed poster she found from a concert the Grascals played.

Christmas_2006_091 The grandkids are growing up.  The attitude dripping from the teen girl in this picture…you can almost reach out and touch it.