Besides being a music/entertainment geekette, I’m also a Presidential history geekette.  Always have been.  Since I was a wee girl, I’ve loved to read about presidents and their wives.  Don’t ask me why.  I find them all, regardless of their political affiliation, interesting.

Maybe it began in about 1975 when Gastrica wrote a letter to President Ford.  Now, what she wrote to him about, I can only imagine and I chuckle to think of what was on her mind then that she wanted to discuss with the head of the US.  At any rate, because  she took her time to write a howdy note to Ol’ Jer’, somebody from the White House sent her this really nice book with pictures of the White House and some biographical info on the Fords.

I recollect noting, even then, that the Presidential son, Steve, was hotter than a two dollar pistol.  He was even in When Harry Met Sally, playing Meg Ryan’s boyfriend that Billy Crystal’s character knew.  Remember?  Maybe that’s how my presidential interest was piqued.

In 4th grade, we had to do an outline.  We could pick any subject we wanted.  I remember like yesterday us having to go up to Mrs. Spurgeon’s desk and inform her what our outlines would be about, and I remember I decided my subject as I was walking to her desk:  "John F. Kennedy" is what I told her.  I can tell you all sorts of stuff about the Kennedy’s.  I’ve always thought I could be on a documentary like Doris Kearns Goodwin or Michael Bechloss talking about the Kennedy’s.  I know those people better than they know themselves.

I dig me some Presidents and call me nuts, morbid or whatever you want, but, I am quite looking forward to the State Funeral and all that will go along with it. 

I’m kinda surprised that in reading some of the local blogs, nobody knows nothing about Gerald Ford.  I’m always shocked to find out Fordsnapshot2sv that others don’t share my passion for Presidential history.  (Sarcasm here) I suggest you do a little research because he was a rather interesting man as Sarcastro gave us some fun trivia.

His wife, Betty, was and is interesting as well. In 7th grade, I did a book report on her autobiography.  During his time in office, Betty was pretty outspoken about stuff like the ERA and abortion rights. (Aunt B should love that) and before her mastectomy, not many people in the public eye had been so forthcoming about their experiences with that.  She was also very honest and open about her own problems with drug and alcohol abuse. The center bearing her name in Rancho Mirage, CA has helped many a soul become free of chemicals.  Even regular people and not just famous ones like Liz Taylor and Johnny Cash.   We’ve always wished my aunt, who lived not far from the Betty Ford Center, could’ve made it a few more years and had the opportunity to go there and get treatment.

I join those who find it ironic that all many seem to remember about him were the SNL skits with him falling (thus giving Chevy Chase lifelong back problems) when he was probably the most athletically gifted President we have ever had.  Gerald Ford represents another era of politics that we’ll never see again and its kinda sad to see him go.