I have a memory when I was a  wee little child. My  dad  got me out of bed and carried me downstairs and he pointed to the clock on the stove and I can remember like it was yesterday him saying "Now, Lombardo01 when both hands get to 12, it will be 1972!"  Then, I remember going in where the tv was and there was Guy Lombardo and all the old people dancing with confetti in their hair.  Guy Lombardo ruled New Year’s Eve on tv back in those days.

We spent a lot of New Years Eves in Alexandria, Louisiana, because we’d go down there between Christmas and New Year’s to see my mom’s sister and her family.  Now, there is not a plethora of activities to do in Alex (they call it "Ellec"), however, being it is the Gret Stet of Louisiana, they know how to celebrate. Some of the relatives had fireworks stands, so we always had a ton of fireworks.

I always thought it interesting that although people do fireworks in Middle Tennessee on New Year’s, it’s not with quite the same zest and gusto as they do in Louisiana. We did LOTS of fireworks on New Year’s down there.  Gosh, those were great trips. 

One New Year’s, the cousins built a bonfire in the backyard.  From down the road, apparently, it appeared that a house was on fire so some well meaning person called the fire trucks to Eola Dr. only to find the fire was in an open field and not in a house.  I don’t know if that was the same year I slipped on a sleeping bag in the floor in my cousins’ room and fell and hit my head on the foot board, giving myself a rather large knot that is still sorta there to this day.  That was New Year’s that went into 1980.

I never have had a wild New Years.  My sister took care of those for me. So many New Years Eves have found Mr. Smiff on the road, in fact, as we crossed into 2000, he was on a bus coming back home from somewhere. 

If he’s not working on New Years, Mr. Smiff prefers to be right here at the house.  He’s working tonight at the Station Inn with the Grascals and I guess I’m going to go.   Stuff like that is a little different for us because I sit there and watch him work.  Not trying to make that sound like it’s not fun, because I do enjoy hearing them play and stuff, but….it’s not like it is for other couples who go out on New Year’s and have a fun, leisurely, time. For him, it’s work, just like the rest of us get up early in the morning to go to our various offices and stuff. 

Ginger and her friend are supposed to be down at the Station tonight so that will probably liven things up a bit.  I am grateful, however, that they don’t serve Tequila at the Station.  Hee.

Whether you’re home watching Dick Clark or out whoopin’ it up, I hope you have a great New Year’s Eve and that 2007 is the best year ever.