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Sidney Sheldon-Gone Clear

Sidney Sheldon wrote lots of books that sold a ton and made him a kajillionaire many times over. 

Know what other wonderful thing he made up in his head?  Think Barbara Eden…..think belly buttons…Major Nelson….Major Healy…

I’ll be so glad when we can blog music on these things, cause if I could now, I’d put the Jeannie theme on here in his honor.

Wednesday Thoughts

Lawzy mercy…some happy Smiff kids.  They’re closing Sumner County schools for the rest of the week because of sickness.  The Drama Queen won’t have to do the Snow Dance (wearing pajamas backwards) afterall.  #2 is still hacking like crazy.  I’ve managed to avoid any major sickness other than a pesty sinus infection which I got me a Z pack for yesterday. 

Mr. Smiff just took the DQ to the Minute Clinic to get her checked for strep.  We’re rushing around getting whatever medicines we need cause after midnight tonight, I’m no longer insured by my former employer.  I’m really quite fortunate to have gotten 4 months severance with insurance and realize a lot of people don’t get that much, so I’m grateful to have had the last almost 5  months  paid,  with insurance.  Reality is calling though…

That said, in the immortal words of David Allan Coe, they can take their job and shuv it, cause   I went and tested for the State today and I’m feeling good karma about that for some reason.  In fact, it all worked out so well today cause our girl, Ginger, was interviewing and she came by and picked me up and we went and gathered up Hutch and had a fun lunch at the Gerst House.  (All I ate was a House Salad, for those keeping score) Hutch has been so encouraging and full of advice on the applying with the State process.   We’ll see what happens. 

The DQ watched The Sound of Music  in Geography class last week and I think has fallen in love.  I rented it for her tonight and we’re all ensconced as to how DO you solve a problem like Maria?  I even got a giggle out of her when I did my very own dance interpretation of Sixteen Going On Seventeen….”STOP MAMA…You’re gonna fall!!!”

The little bitty girl, Gretel, looks exactly like my little Knoxville Niece. I mean, just like her. 

Your Sista is quite happy about being able to sleep in in the morning!

Feelin’ Groovy

Praise the Lord and pass the pharmaceuticals!!!  We have Prozac! 

God is good…all the time.

Baby Stuff

If you are coming to the Bodacious Blogger Baby Blowout this Saturday (2:00 at the Mothership) and even if you aren’t able to be there (Newscoma, I’m speaking to the likes of you) and you haven’t sent me a baby picture of yourself, send me one…

I doubt there’ll be enough snow, if we even get any anyway, to warrant a snow date, but, I suppose if the blizzard hits and roads aren’t passable by Saturday, we can reschedule a snow date, but, at this point, I doubt that will be necessary.


The girl that audtioned on American Idol tonight that was from Reidsville, NC, and was telling about her family’s drama…the grandaddy shooting himself when he got caught cheating and all….I’m here to tell ya, there is always drama in Reidsville. 

Just a week and a half ago, Uncle Henry got held up at gunpoint at the ABC liquor store.  Shots were fired by the gunman and Uncle Henry fired back.  Some reporter in Burlington is making a big deal cause his gun wasn’t registered.  Psssht to that.   I suppose we should feel sorry for the guy that robbed the store, putting Mr. Smiff’s favorite uncle’s life in danger and forgive his rough childhood, but, I digress….there’s mucho drama in and around Reidsville. 

I’ve told y’all before how Reidsville, NC, produced Mr. Smiff.   Annie Penn Memorial Hospital is to blame I suppose.  It’s a sweet little town. I wouldn’t call it comparable to Mayberry, but, it’s a nice little town that I’ve always felt real at home in. 

I think I’ve always felt so at home there cause my own Collie and Nickell ancestors lived in that area way back in the 1700’s before a lot of them took off for the bright lights of Kentucky somewhere in the 1800’s.  In fact, there’s a little Methodist church down the street from the house Mr. Smiff’s daddy still lives in that was started by some of my peeps way back.  Pretty wild.

Anyhow, if that story that little ol gal was telling seems unbelievable,  I’m sure it’s all 100% true and I think that story beats Kellie Pickler’s.  Something  else I will guaran-damn-tee you is that somebody in Mr. Smiff’s family, be it a Boone or a Smiff, will know her or her paralyzed grandaddy.  You just watch.  I’ll report when I get the whole story.

So, What Do Think?

Do you like this one better or the other?

Leave comments…no code to enter….I don’t think. 

Testing 1-2….

Because I want nothing more than to be accepted and part of the Cool Kids Club, I’m trying this out.  I didn’t know WordPress was free.  I was having to pay for Typepad and I just don’t think I want to pay somebody for my blog.

Auntie Lynnster’s going to have to help me get this show in order though.  I’m reminded why I didn’t go with WP back in the fall when Blogger crapped on me…I found it a little confusing for my wee little brain to deal with.

Stay tuned.

Tippy Tippy Tay

Dean Martin’s favorite food was Pasta Fagioli. He loved that stuff so much, he paid his daughter, Deana something like $500 per pot of Fagioli.  She had learned to make her grandmother Crocetti’s recipe and Dean loved it.  (I know this tidbit of useless trivia, thanks to Deana’s wonderful book, "Memories Are Made of This" which, until last week, was the last book I had read a couple years ago.) The most awesome Dino even sang about it in That’s Amore.

Because I think Dean was the King of Cool, I figured if Pasta Fagoli was his favorite food, I would give it a shot when I pulled out my Nutri System food this evening.  I have been so pleasantly surprised by so many of the dinner offerings on this plan, stuff that I didn’t think would be so good, so I had high hopes for Dean’s pasta.

Gag. A. Maggot.

I’m making myself eat it, but, I’d bet Angela Crocetti’s Pasta Fagoli was a weeeee bit better than this.

Oh, Before I Forget…

Remember how I said something last week or somewhere along in there that Mr. Smiff and Them are going to on a late night talk show around the Grammies?  I was afraid to tell it cause I didn’t want their manager/publicist gal after me for telling before she did. 

They’re going to guest on Craig Ferguson on  February 12 with their pal Dierks and his new hairdo.  That show comes on really late so I sure don’t expect all y’all to stay up and watch however, I do expect those of you with TiVO capabilities to record accordingly.

I am just going to say here that I’m a sucker for a handsome Scotsman and Craig Ferguson’ll do any day of the week.  I like to watch Craig on occasion just to hear him talk.  I’m from Scottish descent myself.  That matters not here, just thought I’d throw that in.

Speaking of late, late night tv, I do love me some Jimmy Kimmel,too.  His aunt and uncle and Guillermo absolutely kill me.

911 Emergency!

Somebody hep me here….I accidentally moved the task bar to the top of the screen. Mr. Smiff will have three sorts of ducks when he sees that.  Change freaks him out, especially task bar changes.  How do I get it back on the bottom?  I never can remember how to move it.

The Drama Queen Meets American Idol

January_2007_111 Egads…what a pink shirt Kellie Pickler has on there. It’s just…so…

It’s His Party And He’ll Cry If He Wants To…

The bloggers at NiT will use anything as an excuse to get together, even Sarcastro’s kid. 

In that spirit, everybody (within driving range) is invited to come out to the Mothership this Saturday, February 3 at 2:00 to schmooze Baby11 and celebrate the impending arrival of Sarcastro Jr.  I had sent an Evite thing, but, I don’t know everybody’s email addresses, but, let me reiterate, everybody is invited, so if you didn’t get an evite, do forgive.

As all our blogger get togethers are, you can bring your spouse and it’s BYOB.  We won’t be playing any silly baby shower games, although rumor has it that CLC is going to hop out of a cake wearing nothing but a diaper. It’s just going to be your regular blogger gathering ‘cept with baby gifts. 

Email me at for info on where Junior’s parents are registered and to let me know if you are yay or nay so we can tell the Knucklehead. 

Sista’s Pick of the Day

Little Miss SunshineIt’s on OnDemand for a few more days.  Watch it. 

That little Abigail Breslin is rightly nominated for an Academy Award although I think it should be for Best Actress and not "supporting."  Supporting nothing….she is the star of that movie.  Alan Arkin….heh. Fantastic.  I did not know until today that he co-wrote "The Banana Boat Song."  Day-oh.


Somebody help me understand this…on Grey’s Anatomy…Addison is an OB/Gyn, right?  Ok, so how come she works on the preemies in the NICU.  Don’t neonatologists usually take over that job?  Somebody correct me or help me get that skrait.

Speaking of tv shows I dig, I have found a new favorite that I actually found on my own and not through some hip bloggers…The Robinsons on BBCAmerica.  How hysterical are they?  If you’ve not caught them, you can see it on OnDemand currently.  It’s LOL funny.  I want to be like Vicky Robinson.

Thought For the Day

I want a cheeseburger.

That’s all I got.