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Over Yonder

I’m guest blogging at Nashville Is Talking this weekend.  Come by and see us.

Good Times

Nothing like sending your kid back to school after Christmas holidays and them returning home with a love note informing you that another kid in the class was sent home with head lice early in the day.

A happy new year, indeed.

Crying Time For Me Had Just Begun…

If I were to make a list of ten of my favorite, country songs, Today I Started Loving You Again would definitely be up there. Anything by Merle Haggard is a favorite. Country listeners (with any sense and taste) are either Haggard or Jones. Most listeners love both, but, if you have to choose, there is one that is more a favorite than the other.  I love Jones, but, if I have to choose my favorite, it’s Haggard.

Here’s a little bit of Mr. Smiff and Them doing their rendition of I Started Loving You Again. I do believe it’s my favorite thing they do. From the Station Inn, New Year’s Eve….do ignore me fussing at my  kid at the beginning.