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Sista Goes To The Movies

Everybody decided to go to the movies today.  With it being a holiday for some, it was raining…what else was there to do?  So I took me out down to the movie theater my own self.

I was standing in the very long line, and this 50-ish year old woman and what appeared to be her teenaged son came and got in line in front of me.  I was just about to say "Um, excuse me" when I realized that they were with the two people who had been standing in front of me.  No big whoop.

I noticed that the two pairs split off into different lines, but, figured the other two were going to see something else.  As we approached the ticket counter, the 50-ish looking woman and the teenaged son, who looked eerily like Randy on "My Name Is Earl."  They left my line and went to where the other two with them were.  They had a thing going to see whoever got to the counter first!  Buttheads.

I knew this was a classy mother though when we were standing there and the boy takes his phone out to text message and he asks his mom "How do you spell f’in?" and she answered him "f-u-c-!-i-n’".  Charming gal.  Hate I didn’t have the chance to really get to know her.

Oh, I saw "Dreamgirls" and loved it.  I was especially tickled that there were some small appearances by a grown up Steve Urkel, an aging Carmine Ragusa AND Jim Halpert.  Jennifer Hudson is as wonderful as everybody says.  The whole thing made me come home and look up the saga of Diana Ross and the Supremes.  Dram-uh.  It also makes me want to go around the house and instead of holler at my husband and kids, sing very loudly at them.

Doyle Holly- Gone Clear

Obivously, when it comes to music and bands, I have a bit of a soft spot for bass players.  They are often unsung and in the background and people often think the bass players are unimportant.  If you have a good bass player, you don’t notice him, but, if he/she is not good, you REALLY notice them.  Bass players are important.

One of my most favorite country bands ever was Buck Owens and the Buckaroos.  They were the shizzle.  Don Rich’s playing and harmony singing with Buck are legendary.  Tom Brumley’s steel guitar playing was legendary.  All of that greatness would’ve been for naught had Buckowensbuckaroos Buck not had the good sense to hire Doyle Holly to be his bass player.  Those kick ass steel riffs Tom did wouldn’t have mattered had the timing been off.  Doyle kept the timing right on track and was very important in the sound that was the Buckaroos. 

Doyle died over the weekend from the same thing that killed my own father, prostate cancer.  I had the chance to see Doyle many a time back in the days when my parents were heavily involved with R.O.P.E. (Reuninon of Professional Entertainers). I kick myself now because that was before I knew as much about the Buckaroos as I do now. I’d have worn him out asking questions.   At one time, he had a music store on Main St. in Hendersonville. He was an exceptional singer and one of his big numbers on the Buck shows was "The Streets of Laredo."

I was hoping You Tube would have a clip of Doyle doing "Streets", but, no such luck.  Instead, I’ll give you Buck and the Buckaroos doing "My Heart Skips A  Beat."  Those guys were pure magic.  Geez louise.  Enjoy.

(The opening theme is "Buckaroo" which was written by a former husband of my mother’s. Heh.)

Apparently, the Wrong Thing To Say

I don’t talk a lot about how I feel about this whole war thing.  Since Bush announced the new plan, I find myself thinking "Oh no you di-int!"  I know there’s not a draft in place at the moment, but, having two boys, one of them three years from being old enough to be drafted, if that were in place,  the thought of them bringing that back scares the crap outta me.

So, yesterday, I went to church and to Sunday School (where I haven’t been in a bit…been to church, just not Sunday School).  There’s a lady in there, a darling woman who has a son who is on his way back to Iraq.  He got back from there either in the summer or spring and now, he has to march right back over there.  He is a strikingly handsome young man and I’ve known him since he was about the age of #2.  I don’t know him well or anything like that, but, one of those kids you "know."  When I think of troops, it’s this boy whose face comes to my mind.  When I pray, Steven is the representative for me for all those kids over there. 

I walk in yesterday and Steven’s mother is talking about how he’s on his way and all this.  Brilliant Sista opens her mouth and says "I swear, all this is making me anti-war."  Because I didn’t know what else to say to this mom whose only boy is going back for his second round. Without hesitating, the Mother says to me "I don’t want to hear it.  Everybody has a different opinion.  He is there because it’s his choice.  I’d rather him not be, but, he chose to do this."  Whoa.  She put me in my place.  She wasn’t ugly to me, but, firm.  I felt like a total retard for saying that and wished I’d have given what I said a little more thought.

I thought it was interesting.  My heart was in the right place, but, that was not what she wanted/needed to hear.

Dumb Sista.