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Testing 1-2….

Because I want nothing more than to be accepted and part of the Cool Kids Club, I’m trying this out.  I didn’t know WordPress was free.  I was having to pay for Typepad and I just don’t think I want to pay somebody for my blog.

Auntie Lynnster’s going to have to help me get this show in order though.  I’m reminded why I didn’t go with WP back in the fall when Blogger crapped on me…I found it a little confusing for my wee little brain to deal with.

Stay tuned.

Tippy Tippy Tay

Dean Martin’s favorite food was Pasta Fagioli. He loved that stuff so much, he paid his daughter, Deana something like $500 per pot of Fagioli.  She had learned to make her grandmother Crocetti’s recipe and Dean loved it.  (I know this tidbit of useless trivia, thanks to Deana’s wonderful book, "Memories Are Made of This" which, until last week, was the last book I had read a couple years ago.) The most awesome Dino even sang about it in That’s Amore.

Because I think Dean was the King of Cool, I figured if Pasta Fagoli was his favorite food, I would give it a shot when I pulled out my Nutri System food this evening.  I have been so pleasantly surprised by so many of the dinner offerings on this plan, stuff that I didn’t think would be so good, so I had high hopes for Dean’s pasta.

Gag. A. Maggot.

I’m making myself eat it, but, I’d bet Angela Crocetti’s Pasta Fagoli was a weeeee bit better than this.

Oh, Before I Forget…

Remember how I said something last week or somewhere along in there that Mr. Smiff and Them are going to on a late night talk show around the Grammies?  I was afraid to tell it cause I didn’t want their manager/publicist gal after me for telling before she did. 

They’re going to guest on Craig Ferguson on  February 12 with their pal Dierks and his new hairdo.  That show comes on really late so I sure don’t expect all y’all to stay up and watch however, I do expect those of you with TiVO capabilities to record accordingly.

I am just going to say here that I’m a sucker for a handsome Scotsman and Craig Ferguson’ll do any day of the week.  I like to watch Craig on occasion just to hear him talk.  I’m from Scottish descent myself.  That matters not here, just thought I’d throw that in.

Speaking of late, late night tv, I do love me some Jimmy Kimmel,too.  His aunt and uncle and Guillermo absolutely kill me.

911 Emergency!

Somebody hep me here….I accidentally moved the task bar to the top of the screen. Mr. Smiff will have three sorts of ducks when he sees that.  Change freaks him out, especially task bar changes.  How do I get it back on the bottom?  I never can remember how to move it.