The girl that audtioned on American Idol tonight that was from Reidsville, NC, and was telling about her family’s drama…the grandaddy shooting himself when he got caught cheating and all….I’m here to tell ya, there is always drama in Reidsville. 

Just a week and a half ago, Uncle Henry got held up at gunpoint at the ABC liquor store.  Shots were fired by the gunman and Uncle Henry fired back.  Some reporter in Burlington is making a big deal cause his gun wasn’t registered.  Psssht to that.   I suppose we should feel sorry for the guy that robbed the store, putting Mr. Smiff’s favorite uncle’s life in danger and forgive his rough childhood, but, I digress….there’s mucho drama in and around Reidsville. 

I’ve told y’all before how Reidsville, NC, produced Mr. Smiff.   Annie Penn Memorial Hospital is to blame I suppose.  It’s a sweet little town. I wouldn’t call it comparable to Mayberry, but, it’s a nice little town that I’ve always felt real at home in. 

I think I’ve always felt so at home there cause my own Collie and Nickell ancestors lived in that area way back in the 1700’s before a lot of them took off for the bright lights of Kentucky somewhere in the 1800’s.  In fact, there’s a little Methodist church down the street from the house Mr. Smiff’s daddy still lives in that was started by some of my peeps way back.  Pretty wild.

Anyhow, if that story that little ol gal was telling seems unbelievable,  I’m sure it’s all 100% true and I think that story beats Kellie Pickler’s.  Something  else I will guaran-damn-tee you is that somebody in Mr. Smiff’s family, be it a Boone or a Smiff, will know her or her paralyzed grandaddy.  You just watch.  I’ll report when I get the whole story.