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The Day The Lights Went Out In Nashville

I’m amazed that doing this astronaut diet, I’m able to cook regular stuff for the rest of the Smiffs and don’t nip into it.  That was always one of my worst problems and largely why I had gotten to whale proportions recently.  I guess there’s something to that Behavior Modification thing.

So, I’m working on supper for the fam’ when I noticed what appeared to be a scratch in my stove top.  I love my ceramic top stove.  I mean, I love that thing cause I don’t have to clean stove eyes anymore.  When I looked closer, I realized that it wasn’t a scratch, but the thing is cracked all the way across.  I ended up getting a nice puncture wound where the thing broke and I’m just bummed about my stove.  I know you can replace the tops, but, it won’t be cheap to.  Lesson learned here today….Sista needs to reorganize her cabinets so casserole dishes don’t fall out.

I was still pouting over that, trying to get food on everybody’s plates when my phone rings and it’s my mother and she just had to tell me something. (Warning- this is going to sound like a story CLC would tell)

My 72 year old mother had to go have her checkup.  She’s in pretty good health, in spite of a minor heart thing a few years ago and that she continues to indulge in her Marlboro Reds.  She sorta sounds like Lucille Ball when she talks but insists her lungs are clear as a bell. Yeah, I bet.

So, she’s having her exam and had The Gown on and all and the doctor instructed her to roll over on her side.  I will spare graphic details, but, just as the doctor inserted some sort of cold object to check for stuff, the lights went off.   I mean, pitch black.

Mom said to him, “Well, I don’t know what you did, but, it’s made me go completely blind!”  The usually very serious and uptight doctor nearly busted a gut laughing. 

So funny how my mother tried so hard all those years I was growing up to make it like she was a totally asexual being and then she throws something like that at me.

Snow in Hendersonville

Ron Burgundy, that new weather guy on Channel 4, was pretty doggone convincing that we were going to get hammered with snow last night.   I woke up about 2 and asked Mr. Smiff if it was snowing yet and he said no so I kinda knew then that we would not awake to a winter wonderland this morning.  You can look over there > at my Flickr (since I still don’t know how to put pictures up here without them being ginormous) of the snowfall we got here in Hendersonville.

Our kids are out of school today and tomorrow and the sorta funny thing about it is the Drama Queen is actually sick.  After many days of pretending to be sick or wanting to be sick since school started, she actually has an ear infection and probable strep, according to the fine folks at Minute Clinic. 

I’m trying to get up the want-to to get some serious laundering done.