We got a reminder in the mail yesterday from the vet telling us it was time for Maybelle’s dental cleaning.  One….Maybelle never had her teeth cleaned and two….Maybelle has been dead for almost 13 years.  I have let this vet know this little tidbit before.   I wish Maybelle were still around.   She was a great dog.  She was a cocker spaniel mix that we got from the Nashville Shelter about a month after we got married.  She was my little companion while I adjusted to being left alone when Mr. Smiff traveled.   The first dog I ever owned as a grownup.

I was reading Kat’s post about how her dogs didn’t enjoy romping in the snow.  Boy, Maybelle did.  Every time it snows I think of her and how much she loved to run around in the snow and would come back in with her nose covered in white.

I tried to take some pictures of the snow falling about 4 this morning.  I was up at that hour cause I couldn’t sleep but I’m glad I got to see the snow fall.  It was so pretty and peaceful.  The flash on the camera wouldn’t work (wtf?) so I had to wait til there was light to take pictures.  They’re over there on the Flickr.  >>>