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Awards Shows and Stuff

Mr. Smiff had to go out to the Sheraton last night for an awards thingy put on by the SPGMA people.  I believe that stands for the Society of something, something Music Association.   The Manchild and Drama Queen went along.  I opted to not.

They didn’t get home til way late last night.  Actually, I think it was this morning before they got back.  There was this rather big trophy setting on the kitchen table this morning.  I’m not sure what it was for, but, I’m told that Mr. Smiff made one of the acceptance speeches.  Now that would’ve been interesting to see.  Heh.  I’m also told the Grascals kicked some butt when they performed.  You can read about the awards they got and the show right ‘chere.

I’m really hoping, although not expecting, Mr. Smiff and Them to bring us home a Grammy come Sunday night.  Now, wouldn’t that be a nice birthday present?(speaking of which, you have 5 more shopping days left for all your last minute Sista Shopping)  It really would be nice, but, being Ricky Skaggs is nominated in the same category, all the non-bluegrass people tend to be at least familiar with him and usually check his name.  That’s why he has a buttload of Grammies at his house on the hill down the street. Not knocking Ricky…he’s a friend but dammit, he’s got enough of those trophies.  The po’ foks down the street from him would like one for our mantle shelf, too. 

Oh well…it is cool that they are nominated again this year and no, I am not going.  This is a good place to give what I hope will become an annual “Why Sista Is Not Going To The Grammies” speech.  Listen good…I’m only giving it once.

1.  Expense.  I would have to buy my plane ticket there and back and pay for my lodging.

2.  It’s not a vacation/leisure trip-Contrary to common perception, there’s not much time to take in the sights of Hollywood.  They arrive Saturday evening and the show starts in the afternoon.  The Bluegrass award is given waaaay before prime time (remember, 2 hours behind there) so that’s like 1 or 2 o’clock.  Monday will be soundcheck and get ready to tape the Craig Ferguson show.  It will be a rather chaotic 48 or so hours in town.    I’d probably get in a bad mood cause I would want to be taking the Hollywood Forever tour and going to put my hands in the handprints at Graumans and there wouldn’t be time and then I’d have to pout in front of the Grascals and Mr. Smiff would not be happy with me, yada, yada, yada.  (I know it’s nearly impossible to picture moi in pout/bitch mode.) 

Kinfolks-Those who frequent here may or may not know that your Sista was born in the Los Angeles area.  Long Beach to be exact.  I have a number of first cousins that are still in the Anaheim/Irvine/Chino/Laguna Beach area.  I have not been to LA since 1986.  If I get into the Southern CA area, I don’t think I could stand to not go visit the various Iantornos and Sullivans.  I just couldn’t stand that.

I have three kids in school-Because Sunday night is a school night, I would have to find three different places for the Smiff Kids to stay. 

It’s just not practical this year.  I hope one of these times it will be possible and convenient for me to go along and take in the excitement.  Mr. Smiff enjoyed seeing big time celebrities at the actual show last year.  He is not impressed by many famous people.  I think Stevie Wonder and Tony Bennett excited him a tad. 

Mindblowing Monday

Over the weekend was the 48th anniversary of the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, J. P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson and Ritchie Valens.   I wish I knew where my videotape copy of Paul McCartney’s wonderful documentary he did on Buddy, gosh, 20 years or so ago, is.  I think he called it “The Real Buddy Holly Story” after seeing the Gary Busey movie that took much historical license in telling Buddy’s story. 

How did I miss that the plane really WASN’T called “American Pie”, but, Don McLean made it up?  Hello?  Urban legend.   I will hate to break the news to the Manchild who loves this song and Buddy Holly.  I hope he can take it.

Speaking of untrue things, I didn’t know you could change your birthday?  Did you know this?  Wynonna changed her crazy mama’s birthday.  Wynonna wished “Mom” a Happy Birthday on Good Morning America this morning.  According to everything I can find online, Psych-Omi’s birthday is January 11.  Today is February 5.   Maybe Wy is high on crack.  She was sorta pitiful on GMA attempting to have an intelligent conversation with Robin Roberts.  It’s really kinda pitiful.