Anybody who loves Disney movies, especially the variety made before, say 1980, must go read Danny at Jew Eat Yet’s wonderful post about Peter Pan.

I love the animated Peter Pan.  I’ve seen it live with Cathy Rigby herself. I can’t help but think about maxi pads when I think of her…snicker snicker.  Yes, I’m still 12.  Remember how about 1979 or so, Cathy was all over creation flippin’ about talking about Stayfree Maxi Pads?  Good lord.  I was always enthralled with how she had on that white body suit and  can remember thinking “Does she really have on a Stayfree Maxi Pad?”  So she went from maxi pads to Peter Pan, but, she was great in the stage production.

When The Drama Queen was little bitty, she got a vhs copy of Mary Martin in Peter Pan.  She would do the little Tiger Lily dance and it was just the cutest thing.  Mary Martin, to me, is a goddess.  I would’ve given anything to have seen her live in The Sound of Music.  Just listening to the recordings and comparing her and Julie Andrews….obviously, Mary was onstage and had to project differently than Julie in the film, but, man….Mary was something else.   I love me some Julie, too, don’t get me wrong.

Do go read Danny’s post.  He has a similar perspective to the Hollywood world that I do in Twang Town.  Love to read him.