I called my mother tonight.  I had asked her earlier in the day if she had a specific document of mine that I need.  I knew she’d have it because unlike her youngest child, my mother keeps excellent records and is very organized. 

We chatted a minute about this and that when out of the blue, she says: 

“I’m sitting here reading Mama’s autopsy.” 

“Oh?” saith the Sista, wondering why she would be spending the evening reading her mother’s autopsy.

“Yeah….Mary (her sister in law) always said Mama had a hysterectomy.  I knew she never had one and right here it says Mama still had her uterus and ovaries.”

I will sleep really well tonight knowing Maw Maw still had her female parts when she crossed over to Glory.  I’m sure that got her some extra points at the pearly gates.  She bore a houseful of chirren and certainly earned whatever stars she got in her crown just off my Uncle Byee alone.  Stars or not, she still had her uterus, by golly.