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I have a regular reader here who works at BMI. I know this because of my Site Meter. Anyway, whoever you are, could you email me at I’m not going to out you or nothing….I just have a question.


If You Ever Lose Your Teeth When You’re Out To Dine, Borrow Mine

Back in early 2000, when I was an AOL user, I met Miz Yube on a message board.  We became good pals and have been good friends ever since.  Thing is, I’ve never met her in person.  She lives near Ft. Worth and I live here.  Miz Yube is perhaps one of the more clever and funny people I know.  I so wish she lived on my street so we could have coffee.  She has been such a wonderful friend to me.  I hope I have been to her.  I know there’s people out there who think its creepy having “internet” friends, but, I could care less.  A friend is a friend.  Miz Yube is a good ern.  On top of that, she used to be married to a guy named Elvis.  Fo’ real.

Today is Miz Yube’s birthday.  I’m not going to tell you how young she is.  Go wish her a happy birthday.