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New Toy

The Birthday Fairy came to visit this evening.  Ok, so the Birthday Fairy looks an awful lot like me, but, the point is, she came.  Wanna see what I went and got myself Mr. Smiff and the Kids got me?  I’ll give you a hint…it’s white.  It has buttons.  Oh, ok….one of these.

Don’t tell the Drama Queen about my  new birthday present.  Thank goodness she’s spending the night elsewhere tonight or I’d have already been read the riot act.  She just about went into clinical depression at Christmas because she got the pink, Ipod Nano she asked for.  The Manchild got the same kind of Ipod as me, but, that’s what he asked for.  She didn’t realize his was a step up til then and she didn’t like it.  She’s gonna be pissed.  Moms, of course, don’t deserve cool stuff like that.  Heh. 

 I’ve already downloaded last night’s episode of The Office.  Dang, that show’s funny.

Anna Nicole Ambulance Video

Here’s some footage of Anna Nicole being put in the ambulance at the hotel in Flarda.  Whoever took this got $500,000 for it. 

Also, here’s Rosie talking about Anna Nicole on The View yesterday.   Kinda ironic. 

And in something totally unrelated…the pedicure chair in which I sat to have my feet done, was appropriately called “The Hummer.”  When I win the lottery, I’m buying one for my house.  I just about needed to smoke a ciggarette after. 

Because I Can

I think that just’s because it’s Friday, because I have some mama jama cramps, because of the Grammies this Sunday, because I love this little couple getting married on Regis and Kelly this morning, because Mr. Smiff has returned from Florida, because CLC and RUAbelle are IN Florida, because #2’s volcano turned out fabulously AND erupted, because I get to have lunch with Newscoma, Lynnster and others tomorrow, because I’ve lost 15 lbs and because this is my last day to be 37…..

I’m going to get a pedicure.  Not just a regular ol’ pedicure either.  I’m going to get the “Spa Deluxe Pedicure.”  So there.