Two Saturdays in a row I’ve gotten to hang out at the Mothership with some of the coolest cats around.  I’m sure lots came to experience the Wacky Women From The West, but, the timing was good and it was a nice time.   We had appearances by Ivy, Hutch, Ginger, Aunt B, The Wonder Dawg, Kathy T. and her lovely girls, Sarcastro, great to meet Badger, Scout and Finn for the first time…also got to meet the adorable Little Knuck for the first time.  #2 was doing some serious flirting with her, prompting the Knucklehead to keep a close eye out.  I hope I didn’t leave anybody out.

I got some great cards and presents even.  Hutch brought me Patty Griffin’s newest cd, a book from Kathy T., an Itunes card from the West Tn Girls, a Mothership tshirt from Dr. Funkenswine…I was pretty blown away.  Even the vacationing CLC took time out of sightseeing the Keys to “sing” to me as did the ailing Lynnster.  Great cards from the Ging, my friend Traci and my sister as well.  Alls I can say to that is wow. 

I was pretty bummed because once again, on my birthday, Mr. Smiff was out of town (he left this morning for Los Angeles and the Grammies), but, these peoples made up for it.  Thank you all. 

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