junie__sandra___barbara.jpgOn the way to the hospital, Mom is the one in the Houndstooth, Gastrica is the rather puzzled looking toddler whose life was about to change drastically and My Aunt Junie is the one with the tall hair.  She’s the one who took the rest of these pictures.  I’m so glad she was there to capture the day.  She died just ten years later of breast cancer when she was 50.  She’d have been a good candidate for Project 365.

going-in-the-hospital.jpgMy mom on her way into the hospital.  This was Pacific Hospital in Long Beach, CA.  She looks awfully happy to be in labor there, doesn’t she?  She’s probably wanting a cigarrette.  Oh, that man there?  That’s the guy who delivered me…Dr. Thomas Spencer.  I’m sure this was one of his more memorable and meaningful days at the office.  He did help bring you the Sista, didn’t he?

waiting.jpgThese were the days before they let dads in the delivery room.  This is Biff waiting.  On the back of the picture, Junie wrote “At 1:30 pm Monday-just a little rest after a 4 a.m. chit chat the night before.”  Wonder what that was about?  Oh and this outfit he has on here, I was telling somebody about this last week.  Those one piece things men used to wear around the house.  I call them Pop Suits cause my grandfather wore them a lot. 

its-a-girl.jpgAbout an hour later, Biff on the phone to his parents in San Antonio…It’s A Girl.

I have to wish a Happy Birthday today to my sister in law, Robert Wagner, Roberta Flack and George Stephanopolus.