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The Grascals Have Left The Building

They had all they could take.  They got bored and decided to go eat.  As for me, I’m thinking it’s time for some Desperate Housewives. 


Ralph Kramden Rises From The Dead

Wow!  Ralph comes back to life on the Grammies.  Amazing.

Bring the Police back on….Tony Bennett…..I’d rather have Justin Timberlake on than this snoozefest.  Good lawd.

Cluck, Cluck

Y’know…I love the Dixie Chicks, but, this angry-cause-we-offended-people thing is getting a little old. They’ve played that card to death.  I want to hear them sing stuff like “Cold Day In July”, “Truth #2” and Maria McKee covers. 


I always thought Stewart Copeland was hot and now that he’s got some distinguished age on him, he’s still hot.

Mr. Smiff is sitting to Sting’s left.  They sound good on the cell.  He’s into it.  He’s hollered “Yeah man” a time or two. The Sista equivalent of a scream.

He saw David Spade and Stevie Wonder.

Whining Over

Let’s get on with this snarkfest, shall we?

 Christina Aguilera’s hair….hate it. 

If Paula Abdul isn’t stoned, just call me Anna Nicole.

Mr. Smiff has been instructed to call me when The Police are onstage so I can hear them through the fun.  Yes, I’m a geek.

And the Winner Is….

As I predicted, Skaggs won the Bluegrass Grammy.  Never mind it’s a freakin’ instrumental or that he already has about 12 or 13 of them. 

Mr. Smiff did see Tony Bennett though. 

Going to sulk a bit…..

From The Cah-pet

They have walked the red carpet.  I happened to call right in the middle of an interview on the carpet and I was dissed.  Can you believe?  Couldn’t break away from an interview to speak with his lowly, dumpy, matronly wife back home.  Hmmph. 

I’m sure there were others, but, the only celebrity he saw in the mix on the red carpet was Ryan Seacrest. 

Now, on into the show and not to miss that award for Best Spoken Word Latino album of the year.