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The Grascals Have Left The Building

They had all they could take.  They got bored and decided to go eat.  As for me, I’m thinking it’s time for some Desperate Housewives. 


Ralph Kramden Rises From The Dead

Wow!  Ralph comes back to life on the Grammies.  Amazing.

Bring the Police back on….Tony Bennett…..I’d rather have Justin Timberlake on than this snoozefest.  Good lawd.

Cluck, Cluck

Y’know…I love the Dixie Chicks, but, this angry-cause-we-offended-people thing is getting a little old. They’ve played that card to death.  I want to hear them sing stuff like “Cold Day In July”, “Truth #2″ and Maria McKee covers. 


I always thought Stewart Copeland was hot and now that he’s got some distinguished age on him, he’s still hot.

Mr. Smiff is sitting to Sting’s left.  They sound good on the cell.  He’s into it.  He’s hollered “Yeah man” a time or two. The Sista equivalent of a scream.

He saw David Spade and Stevie Wonder.

Whining Over

Let’s get on with this snarkfest, shall we?

 Christina Aguilera’s hair….hate it. 

If Paula Abdul isn’t stoned, just call me Anna Nicole.

Mr. Smiff has been instructed to call me when The Police are onstage so I can hear them through the fun.  Yes, I’m a geek.

And the Winner Is….

As I predicted, Skaggs won the Bluegrass Grammy.  Never mind it’s a freakin’ instrumental or that he already has about 12 or 13 of them. 

Mr. Smiff did see Tony Bennett though. 

Going to sulk a bit…..

From The Cah-pet

They have walked the red carpet.  I happened to call right in the middle of an interview on the carpet and I was dissed.  Can you believe?  Couldn’t break away from an interview to speak with his lowly, dumpy, matronly wife back home.  Hmmph. 

I’m sure there were others, but, the only celebrity he saw in the mix on the red carpet was Ryan Seacrest. 

Now, on into the show and not to miss that award for Best Spoken Word Latino album of the year.

Liveblogging The Grammy’s Part Uno

Mr. Smiff and Them have left the hotel.  Funny to me is that a van will take them to meet the limo that will deposit them on the red carpet. I think.

Even funnier, while he’s out there red carpeting it, I’m about to go to the grocery store. 

A Hit of This and That

Mr. Smiff went to a party for Grammy nominees last night in Los Anga-leeze and I asked him if he saw anybody famous.  I’ve said before how it takes much to get excitement out of Mr. Smiff when it comes to the famous.  He’s seen and done much in his time and he downplays most of it.  There was a lilt of sparkle (as much sparkle as you can get out of him) in his tired voice when he said he shook hands with Bill Walton

Mr. Smiff is a eeeewge NBA fan.  He doesn’t follow college ball at all, except at the playoffs, but, he loves him some NBA.  I thought he was going to have an inflection of excitement there for a second when he said he and Bill just happened to make eye contact and Bill looked down and smiled at Mr. Smiff.   Bill is 6’11.  Mr. Smiff is 6’4.  There are not many people who look down at Mr. Smiff.  Anyway, Mr. Smiff introduced himself and they had a moment.  I’m telling ya, he was excited.  Nobody would be able to tell he was excited, but, I think he was moved.  He’s still trying to figure out why he was there.  I think it had to do with the Grateful Dead.

 I am totally in love with my birthday present cd (thanks, Hutch!), Patty Griffin’s “Children Running Through.”  Man oh man.  You need to get one.  Especially cool to hear the guitar stylings of Doug Lancio on this cd.  Doug is also from Brentwood and is the same age as my sister.  We went to the same schools all the way through.  One of the first, if not the first band he was ever apart of was that of a little garage band called “Rampage” circa 1981 or so that practiced on the next street over at Ricky Emerson’s house.  I do believe Gastrica was one of the illustrious backup gals for this group.  Doug is very talented and it’s always fun to see his name on things and remember the early days.

A reminder this morning of how small the world really is…my interim pastor and fellow blogger Matt Tullos (look over there> for his linky dink) was relating a story about his first “love” when he was in 4th grade.  The bizarre-o-ness of it all was he was talking about how it was at Nachman Elementary School in Alexandria, LA.  My cousins went to that school…at the same time….There aren’t many people from Alexandria.  You have my mother, Matt and Faith Ford, the actress and that’s about it.  I can’t wait to ask the cousin girls if they remember Matt. 

I’m still basking the warm fuzzy of yesterday.  One of the best birthdays I’ve had in years.  I felt spayshul.  That crazy Kerry Woo has a funny picture of me and Rod Stewart.

A few of the new music on the Ipod, thanks to the West TN Gals, would be Ella singing “Cry Me A River,” “Come Rain or Come Shine” and “It Might As Well Be Spring,” Harry Connick, Jr. from his new music doing “Jambalaya” and the first episode of “Weeds.”  I’ve always wanted to see that show, but, don’t get HBO. 

Mr. Smiff said he’ll provide me with info straight from the Grammy floor this evening so y’all come back.

Grammy-How I Love Ya

A Grammy win for the Grascals tonight/today would be swell, but, I’m not really thinking about it or dwelling on it.  It will be disappointing when they lose, even though it’s great to be nominated and all that.  It would be nice, but, this is the real world.

Y’know what I’m most sorry I will not see live and in person about the Grammies that Mr. Smiff will see?  The Police reunite.  Dang.  I think “Every Breath You Take” is perhaps one of the most perfect recordings ever.  

Maybe we’ll do some live Grammy blogging tonight.  With updates from the floor  and Mr. Smiff on who he sees.

The Thing About 38

Every year as I’ve advanced an age, I’ve never  had a problem waltzing through my 30′s.  The only birthday number I’ve ever had that was mindblowing and whoa-like was when I turned 25.  That was when I realized I was not a kid anymore.  I think the fact I had had my second kid a few months earlier helped make that reality real, but, it wasn’t a big deal.  Turning 38 this year is not so weird, but, there is one thing about it that’s made me go whoa.

When I was a freshman in high school, I had Health the first semester.  The guy who taught the class was one Richard DuAime.  He was this great, Italian guy from Philadelphia or Pittsburgh or somewhere like that.  He looked kinda like Brutus on Popeye.  He was very blunt and funny and he was a great teacher.  His class was always fun and I learned lots of things about important stuff, like sex.  One line I remember him saying was “Bathing is not healthy.  It will make you not stink, but, it’s not going to keep you healthy.”  He wasn’t saying we shouldn’t bathe, he was just saying it wouldn’t ensure our health.  I really hated for that class to end because I really dug Mr. DuAime.

Mr. DuAime was the wrestling coach at Brentwood High School.  One Friday night in January, just after the new semester began after I had him, the wrestling team had an away match and Mr. DuAime stayed at the school until the last kid was picked up.  He had a heart attack and died right by his car in the parking lot.  All of us kids were devastated.  For a lot of us, that was the first time in our lives we had seen somebody alive and well one day and they were dead the next.  It was profound and a difficult life lesson.

How old was he?  38.  He seemed way older than that and at 14, 38 seemed sooooo far off and distant.  Here I am.  I’m not fearful of meeting the same fate, it’s just odd.  I’m sure when I turn 42, I’ll be reminded of how old that seemed when Elvis died and like 38, will see that it’s actually quite young.


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