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More From Hollywood

I was on the phone with Mr. Smiff as they were on their way to the studio to do the soundcheck for Craig Ferguson.  I said “So, you’re going to to ‘Television City in Hollywood’, right?” (Said in my best Johnny Olson voice) and then he said “Yes, there it is…Television City.”  Of the things he’s done while in LA the last couple days, I’m most jealous of that right there.

One of the things me and the Mr. have hugely in common and God was right in putting us together for is that we are both Classic TV geeks.  We can converse for hours on old tv shows.   I wish I was out there with him roaming the place where All In Family, Carol Burnett, Good Times, Three’s Company, Match Game, The Price is Right and who knows how many other great shows, were taped. 

The thing about it that I absolutely hate is that the Mr. is not the shutterbug picture taker I am.  No camera on his person, I hope somebody’s taking pictures. 

They’re Bad, They’re Nationwide

Just a reminder that Mr. Smiff and Them and Dierks are on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight.  In Nashville, it comes on after the tabloid show that comes on after Letterman.  Set your TiVO’s and VCR’s cause that’s late.