#2 is in Third Grade and they had to make a Valentine’s box to put the little cards in at school.  I did a really good job on it, although I don’t think it will hardly win the prize.  It’ll work though.  As usual, making #2’s Valentine box for Third Grade reminds me of a story.   

Dig if you will, the scene….Valentine’s Day, 1978.  I was but a Third Grade Sista.  (Sam Huffman, you were in my class this year)  We were charged with decorating Valentine boxes that would be judged and a winner named. 

I hated artsty fartsy crafty stuff then.  I dreaded art because I couldn’t even draw decent stick people.  Ah, but my mother came to my rescue.  She made a lovely Valentine Box.  I can still see it….it was wrapped in tissue paper with red, pink and purple and she had taken these pretty little gold things and glued strategically to the box and it was really quite beautiful. 

I made the mistake of telling Terri Leigh (childhood best friend) that Mom did my box.  I should’ve known better because although we were best friends, we were highly competitive and not above the occasional bitch slap in those days.  I mean, competition was fierce between me and her.

I can remember like yesterday, the teachers standing over the boxes….Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Garriott (she was at least 85 years old), Mrs. Teasley….then, as if a light from above came down, I swear, my Mom-made box just shone so bright.  Mrs. Teasley stopped, had to catch her breath and she bent down and picked up the Valentine box that  mom had so beautifully made I made and declared it the First Place winner. 

I was busy waving and blowing kisses to my adoring public over my masterpiece Valentine box when Terri Leigh hollered “Hey!  She didn’t make that, her MOTHER did!”  Mrs. Johnson, with her bleached blonde hair a’flowin’ said “Sharon, is that true?”   Why no, Mrs. Johnson.  Terri Leigh is lying through her perfect teeth.

I don’t even remember what the prize was, but, I think that was the last contest I ever won.