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Weigh In

I have officially lost the extry poundage I put on after I got dumped was laid off.  Yay.  That’s a pretty good start.  I don’t know what the official loss is but it’s between 15 and 20, according to Hazel’s scale.  That’s the only one I weigh on since I don’t own one.  It’s still a scary number, but, not nearly as scary as it was a month ago tomorrow, when I started this little journey.

Yay me.

Another Hillbilly D-I-V-O-R-C-E

I was pretty surprised to find out that fairly newlywed Terri Clark filed for divorce today from her husband of a year or so, Greg Kaczor.  Wonder what that deal is?  Has she even had any sort of hit lately?

Greg is a nice guy.  He used to do Thanksgiving with us at Hazel’s years ago in another lifetime.  He worked with Terri for a long time before he got the husband gig.  I hope things work out for him. 

Also, Hank, Jr. is divorcing Mary Jane. 

Late, Late

Incase you missed Craig Ferguson the other night with Mr. Smiff and Them, here they are,brought to you by the fine folks at You Tube. 

Mr. Smiff had a nice experience doing the Ferguson show. He said Craig was a nice guy and turns out is quite the lover of country music.  Petah Cooper was along with them on their appearance and did a nice write up that I believe will run in Sunday’s Tennessean.  

I wish they could’ve met  Peter O’Toole.  Peter did his spot earlier in the day and they never even saw him.    Mr. Smiff and Bobo imitated Mr. O’Toole and his late cronie, Richard Harris, on the red eye flight from Los Angeles, though. Heh.  He called me late Monday night from LAX and I knew about two words into the conversation what kind of shape he was going to be in when he got back in Nashville. You take Mr. Smiff, Bobo and a long flight and you get a Richard Harris/Peter O’Toole kinda situation.  Funny to me, too, that one of the thank you presents Craig gave them was a big ol’ bottle of Rum. 

Alcohol tends to make Mr. Smiff very sentimental and lovey dovey.  When he got home and was catching up on his Whiff of Smiff, I thought he was going to cry reading y’alls nice comments about them losing the Grammy.  Heh.