I can’t find my swell new camera.  It’s probably in the same place my missing bottom retainer is.

I was looking on my phone at the “Hi Fi Ringers”.  Under “Classic Country”, they had the regular Hank, Sr., Willie, Merle, George, Cash and then, under “Other Classic Country Artists”, to my absolute horror, they had Lee Greenwood in that same category.  It makes me want to sever ties with T-Mobile.

I asked CLC how Mrs. Dog Doc was carrying and from what he told me, I told him it sounded like a girl child and I was right.   There are a few things I’m really good at and predicting sexes of babies is one of them.  Like Melanie said in Gone With The Wind, the happiest days are when babies come.  Careful there, Cee, that baby thang is contagious. 

I spent the morning watching season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy and I figured out who Dylan the Dead Bomb Guy was.  I can’t imagine that Meredith is really dead.  How could they have kept that a secret that she’s leaving the show?  I don’t think she’s dead-dead.  I don’t care what the GA writers are saying on their blogs.  They aren’t going to tell us cause if we know, we wont watch next week, now will we?

Go download the Cops episode of “My Name is Earl” on Itunes if’n you need a good laugh.