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Ipod Woes

Wonder why my Ipod is insisting on putting Manchild’s stuff on my device?  I mean, I have a diverse musical taste, however, I just can’t get down with “Emo Kid” (actually, that’s the DQ’s), “War Pigs,” Suicidal Tendencies or the Butthole Surfers.  Everytime I hook the Ipod up, it automatically starts downloading (or uploading) everything in the library.  I did the reset thing, but, as soon as I hook it up, here comes Venom’s “Welcome To Hell” on the Sista’s Ipod. 

The Manchild gets all offended when I get mad cause I’m wanting to hear Ella or chill with Eva, I get “Violence Fetish” by Disturbed.  It is quite disturbing.  Sheesh.  I asked him about these songs that are labeled “Explicit” and how come I missed that James Blunt’s “Beautiful” was explicit? The Manchild informs me it has the “F” word in it.

I miss the days when he was first getting into music and he liked “Mmmm-bop” by those cute little Hanson brothers.

Paid Gigs

#2 has been taking guitar lessons since January.  Guitar Guy teacher tells us that he’s doing really great, really consistent and we’re thrilled that he’s figured out a way to work with #2.  #2 is not always easy to teach.

#2 will not play anything at home on his axe.  I’ve begged and begged, but, he will have none of it.  He had told me he would play Happy Birthday for me last week (that’s one of his songs he can play).  He even told Guitar Guy about it and was pumped.  The day came and he never played it for me. 

A little bit ago, #2 had the guitar out, pretending to be Dierks Bentley, and I said “Hey…you never did play that song for me.”  We went round and round and I finally said “I’ll give you a buck.”  Without missing a beat, #2 says “Make it 2.”  Deal.

I got a great rendition of “Are You Sleeping.”  What we think is going to happen is one of these days, it’s all really going to connect with #2 and he’s going to turn into Tony Rice. He actually played his song really well and didn’t miss a note.

A Monday Morning Dream

I love days like this when I didn’t have to get up to make sure anybody got up and got off to school.  It was nice to see a bit of the news and then realize “Wait…I don’t have to get up” and roll over next to the snoring Mr. Smiff.  I was rather offended by my offensive breath though, so I did actually get up and brush my teeth, use the Listerine and went back to bed.

Then, I had this dream:

I went back to my work (for the new ones just joining us, I was “laid off” in September after ten years of employment) because I knew I still had money in my credit union account that I wanted to get out. (This is true.  I need to go make that withdrawal, but, have been avoiding going up there).  For some reason, this particular day, I was actually working still, but, they stuck me in the main hallway at this computer terminal. (Not actually there, just in the dream). 

In the dream, there were all these parties going on…in the library (never parties going on there) and in the auditorium there was some sort of dance going on (even more shocking, considering where I worked) and it was just party central.  I’m sitting there at my faux terminal when David, the most beloved former boss of mine, walks by with a tour group and BARELY SPEAKS TO ME!  I think I cussed at him for that.  (Sorry, David.  It’s a dream).

So, I go down to the Credit Union and they had modernized it and it was all in High Def.  (Are you listening, Wade?)  It was beautiful.  Everybody working in there ignored me (Wade, you weren’t there) except Penny, the girl who usually waited on me.  She gives me my money and I start crying because I told her it really was over and they weren’t going to hire me back.  She didn’t flinch and handed me my money. 

Then, I go to leave and realize I needed to email a couple people to make sure they know my home email address and I stopped back by my faux terminal in the hallway and actually did email my Schishter, but, when I tried to email a few others, it wouldn’t let me. 

I go to leave and then I can’t remember how I got in the building.  You have to have a badge to get in and I had turned my badge in way back.  How did I get into the building?  I’m sitting there, thinking how I made it into the building and where I parked when Linda, this other longtime employee who was deleted not long before I was (she was there a looong time and in a very high administrative asst. position) walks by and says “There you are!  I’ve been looking for you!” She was dressed in this ugly, sailor dress and apparently she was there for an interview.  Then I start bawling because they don’t want me.

 I go to leave and realize that the money I had in my hand was enough to buy a Mac.  Then, I got happy and woke up. 

Any dream interpreters?