Wonder why my Ipod is insisting on putting Manchild’s stuff on my device?  I mean, I have a diverse musical taste, however, I just can’t get down with “Emo Kid” (actually, that’s the DQ’s), “War Pigs,” Suicidal Tendencies or the Butthole Surfers.  Everytime I hook the Ipod up, it automatically starts downloading (or uploading) everything in the library.  I did the reset thing, but, as soon as I hook it up, here comes Venom’s “Welcome To Hell” on the Sista’s Ipod. 

The Manchild gets all offended when I get mad cause I’m wanting to hear Ella or chill with Eva, I get “Violence Fetish” by Disturbed.  It is quite disturbing.  Sheesh.  I asked him about these songs that are labeled “Explicit” and how come I missed that James Blunt’s “Beautiful” was explicit? The Manchild informs me it has the “F” word in it.

I miss the days when he was first getting into music and he liked “Mmmm-bop” by those cute little Hanson brothers.