#2 has been taking guitar lessons since January.  Guitar Guy teacher tells us that he’s doing really great, really consistent and we’re thrilled that he’s figured out a way to work with #2.  #2 is not always easy to teach.

#2 will not play anything at home on his axe.  I’ve begged and begged, but, he will have none of it.  He had told me he would play Happy Birthday for me last week (that’s one of his songs he can play).  He even told Guitar Guy about it and was pumped.  The day came and he never played it for me. 

A little bit ago, #2 had the guitar out, pretending to be Dierks Bentley, and I said “Hey…you never did play that song for me.”  We went round and round and I finally said “I’ll give you a buck.”  Without missing a beat, #2 says “Make it 2.”  Deal.

I got a great rendition of “Are You Sleeping.”  What we think is going to happen is one of these days, it’s all really going to connect with #2 and he’s going to turn into Tony Rice. He actually played his song really well and didn’t miss a note.