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That Old Time Religion

My Catholic friends, like Busy Mom, are all set for Ash Wednesday.  Her kid is really pumped about it.   CLC is about to give up meat or something for lent.  I don’t think he’s Catholic though.  Lots of Methodists and other protestants do the Lent thing.  I guess there are some Babatists who participate in Lent in some form or fashion.  And that’s just groovy.  I’m kinda glad I don’t have to do a public penance and can confess my sins between me and my Father in private.  Whew!  Rituals are neat though as long as they aren’t just a ritual.

How, you ask, do us uptight, Southern Baptists observe this Lent season?  We give up Wednesday nights to do a dang Easter cantata.  That’s right, a cantata.  Have you ever been part of a cantata?  What in the name of Fanny Crosby IS a cantata anyway?  I don’t know, but, I’m Baptist and that’s what we do.  I guess we can say we’re giving up watching American Idol on Wednesdays during Lent to rehearse the Easter program. 

I just hope come Easter Sunday morning, they’ll sing “Up From The Grave He Arose” cause that song makes me laugh like crazy.  Isn’t that nuts?  38 years old and I just giggle when they sing that song every year.  Like I do when we sing “All Hail the power of Jesus’ name, let angels PROSTATE fall!”  Ree-tard.

I think it would be kinda fun to get boogers ashes on our foreheads, but, I don’t suspect my Baptist church will do that. 

I kid about this and that, but, make no mistake,  I’m glad for this season and I hope for everybody this Lenten season is meaningful and as for me, I’m glad I serve a risen Savior.  Lord knows how bad I need one.

Don’t Spit Into The Wind

Good advice for a Wednesday from Jim Croce:
Don’t tug on Superman’s cape
Don’t spit into the wind
Don’t pull the mask off of old Lone Ranger
And don’t mess around with Jim

You know what I’m so enamored of with Jim Croce? Besides his great songs and voice and all that, is his guitar player. Dude had it going on. I believe his name was Maury and he died in the plane crash with Jim. Jim was 30 and Maury was 24. Geez. They were kids.