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In honor of Eddie Murphy’s most likely win this weekend for Best Supporting Actor, one of my favorite bits he ever did. Dang, it’s funny. Ol’ Ed was still using the “F” word a lot and sho did like to say “shit” back in those days,but, this is funny stuff.

Speaking of Grey’s Anatomy…

If you haven’t watched it yet, then mozy on about your business….la la la la la….

I knew she wasn’t dead, although the whole thing about her being out for a couple hours and then she suddenly starts breathing again and everything’s fine?  No way.  Mr. Smiff’s aunt was caught in a riptide some years ago and basically drowned.  She survived, but, was on a ventilator for DAYS  and she was fortunate to come out with just a little brain damage.  She was able to go back to her life, but, there are parts of her memory that are forever erased.  That part of the show was not realistic, but, I knew she wasn’t dead.  I think I said somewhere else that I bet she tried to kill herself and I was correct there.  Those people oughta hire me to write for them. Gah.

I was surprised that they killed Ellis off.  I’m kinda glad they did.  One, Kate Burton, who plays Meredith’s mother, is not old enough to be her mother (she’s also Richard Burton’s kid. Cool) but that whole character, to me, was not important anymore.  I think in the beginning it was important to establish things but now?  Pssht.  Not neccessary. I would like to see Meredith and her dad form a relationship.

Oh and did you see Oprah’s Oscar special?  Julia and George were pretty funny and reminded me of a couple blogger types getting together the way they were picking at each other.  Nicole Kidman, on the otherhand, needs so badly to get over herself.  I think Russell Crowe felt the same way.  Gag.  Wants a goat so she can make goat cheese….get outta here.  She hung out with that psycho Tom Cruise a day too long.

Aren’t you glad I cover deep subjects here at the Whiff?

On the subject of deep, some of us are meeting at the Mothership at lunchtime today.  I’m not pulling pork, but, I’ll watch them do it. Come by if you’re in the area.

Oh, and I have a job interview today.